Metal Fab and Welding Sale
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Quickly remove paint & rust or surface condition metal

Only $249.99

Sale $189.97

Heavy-duty professional quality metal shear

Starting at: $63.99

Perfect for sanding, finishing, grinding, sharpening, cleaning, deburring and filing metal

Only $179.99

Sale $149.97

Rotating jaws slices easily thru steel up to 18-gauge thick
Only $56.99
This powerful low speed drill is designed for drilling through metal

Only $49.99

Sale $34.98

Powerful 9 AMP reciprocating saw built to cut anything and everything.

Only $62.99

Sale $29.98

Light weight reciprocating saw built for cutting sheet metal

Only $72.99

Sale $59.97

Great for use where a compressed air supply is unavailable
Only $60.99
A quality 6 amp electric angle grinder at an great price

Only $42.99

Sale $34.97

A must for cutting tubing, flat stock, round stock, angle iron easily and accurately when fabricating

Only $349.99

Sale $299.97

Orbital action is perfect for paint polishing

Only $115.99

Sale $79.97

Light weight and balanced to minimize user fatigue
Only $69.99
Amazing Blowing power in a compact, portable size
Only $27.99
Drill Doctor Model 750X
Only $169.99
Drill Doctor Model 350X
Only $72.99
Dewalt 4.5" 11 AMP Heavy Duty Angle Grinder DWE402
Only $107.99
Griot's 6" Random Orbital 10 ft cord 10813
Only $164.99
ATD 4.5 Inch Angle Grinder 10504
Only $59.99
Cut through straps, hangers, exhaust systems and sheet metal
Only $35.99
This 3/8 Inch VSR Pistol Grip Drill is the ideal high powered drill for any project
Only $83.99
The 6 Inch Bench Grinder is the ideal heavy duty grinder for any project
Only $127.99
2 temperature settings for use all around your garage and shop
Only $98.99
1000 to 3000 rpm variable speed; use 7" or 9" wheels
Only $272.99
Cut metal quickly and cleanly without creating excessive heat, sparks or distortion
Only $11.99
Unique textured surface lasts twice as long as conventional belts

Starting at: $14.99

For use with the Eastwood CONTOUR SCT® Expanding Drum 21146

Starting at: $7.99

Paint, Rust Removal and Metal Conditioning
Only $21.99
Great for Paint Removal
Only $21.99
Paint, Rust Removal and Metal Conditioning
Only $21.99
Great for Paint Removal
Only $21.99
Strip Rust and Scale on Rough Surfaces
Only $53.99
Cutting and Buffing
Only $24.99
Aggressive Paint, Rust and Filler Removal
Only $49.99
Aggressive Rust and Scale Removal
Only $49.99
Paint or rust removal applications
Only $21.99
Paint or rust removal applications
Only $21.99
Paint or rust removal applications
Only $21.99
Metal finishing on numerous surfaces
Only $57.99
Eastwood CONTOUR SCT® Finishing Drum
Only $21.99
Eastwood CONTOUR SCT® Expanding Drum
Only $69.99
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Eastwood Power Hand Tools

When you need more capability than your hands alone can provide, come to Eastwood for an auto power tool that's purpose-built for the task. Having the right power tool can make a job quick and easy, while the wrong one - or none at all - can lead to a frustrating weekend in the garage. Our power hand tools and bench tools are made with the user in mind, so you don't need to be a professional to do quality work. Browse the Eastwood catalog online or come to one of our stores to try them out for yourself!

Powerful Tools for Powerful Cars

Just about every stage of auto body work goes better when your tools have the right amount of juice. Power body saws, reciprocating saws, metal shears and other cutters are a lot faster for carving out new panels. We have an assortment of heavy-duty metal grinders for blasting away rust, flattening welds or sharpening other tools. Impact wrenches and cordless power drills are a must in any mechanic's toolbox. Power buffers and surface conditioners will take the hassle out of removing old paint or rust.

Auto Power Tool Accessories

If your tools are starting to feel the effects of extended use, we'll help you freshen them up again. Shop today for replacement metal saw blades, sanding bands, stripping drums and other accessories that no good tool can do without. When it's time to clean your shop or vehicle, a wet/dry ShopVac lets you go from surface to surface without skipping a beat.

Guaranteed Quality from Eastwood

We produce some of the best automotive power tool products in the business and also carry options from manufacturers such as Drill Doctor, Dewalt, ATD and Griot's Garage. Furthermore, Eastwood supports everything we sell with expert service and tech advice to help you do the job right. Get the best power tool the first time by shopping with us!