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Powder Coating Guns

Eastwood Powder Coating Guns and Kits

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11,000-volt gun brings benefits of powder-coating to your home shop

Only $85.99

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2 voltage settings allow complete coverage--tight spots to large areas

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The Eastwood Elite Hotcoat PCS-1000 will give you the power to perform any powder coating job with professional results.
Only $899.99
11,000-volt gun brings benefits of powder-coating to your home shop

Starting at: $131.96

Comes with the items you need to start powder coating

Starting at: $171.96

Purchase both a powder coating sytem and compressor and SAVE!

Starting at: $179.94

Purchase both a powder coating sytem and compressor and SAVE!

Starting at: $139.94

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Learn how easy it is to powder coat

Eastwood's founder Curt Strohacker learned early on that the right tool can make or break a project. As an employee in a service station, he saw firsthand how the correct tools and techniques can protect an investment. In 1978, he launched Eastwood with the mission of helping enthusiasts like him get their hands on those perfect tools.

Enthusiasts across the country are turning to powder coatings for their projects because it's better than paint: It offers chip-resistant, durable color that becomes a protective skin. A good powder coating kit brings everything you need to your garage without the toxic fumes of paint.

But if you are considering all the benefits of a powder coating for your restoration project, then you need the right powder coating gun. There's no substitute.

Eastwood Powder Coat Guns

At Eastwood, we have been developing professional-quality tools for DIYers since 1978 and offer solutions for all levels of know-how. Powder coating is generally easier and faster than traditional automotive painting, but you still need the proper tools. Shop today and find a HotCoat® gun that is as economical and durable as the finish that will result.

Get the Right Powder Coating Gun

The R&D team at Eastwood developed two different powder coat gun systems for color-durable finishes on all your metal parts. Our original 11,000-volt DIY powder gun is a low-cost way to do a skillful job. For more options, the Dual-Voltage HotCoat Gun has a 15,000-volt setting for tight spaces and 25,000-volt setting for large areas and multiple coats. Both tools have quick color changing, a power supply, a handheld activation switch and a ground clamp.

Powder Coat Kits & Bundles

If you're powder coating for the first time, a powder coat gun starter kit is the best way to get started. Order either our original DIY or dual-voltage gun with a full powder coating accessory kit. The package contains thee powder bottles for use and storage, a bottle of gloss black powder, hanging wire, masking tape, a filter and plugs. Alternatively, you can order a powder coating gun bundled with one of our small curing ovens or with a pancake air compressor. Combining them into one package will save you even more versus bringing parts to another shop.

Do it Yourself with Eastwood

What plans do you have for that project in your garage? Whatever it is, with Eastwood powder coat guns and accessories, you'll be on your way to hot-coating valve covers, engine blocks, springs, roll cages and other show car or race car essentials. If you need additional assistance learning the ropes, watch a few of our instructional videos or contact us to speak with an experienced technician. We have been part of the DIY scene since 1978 and remain committed to providing effective solutions.

We offer a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee on our more than 4,000 products for DIYers, and that includes our powder coating guns. We have picked up more than our share of awards for our product quality and customer service, but the best reward we can receive is seeing our products put to use on your project..


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