Sanding Grinding Buffing

Sanding Grinding Buffing

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Power Tools for Grinding, Buffing & Sanding

Get body panels shined up in record time with our assortment of electric metal polishing tools. For professional autobody works and high-volume restorers, power tools are more than worth the investment. Instead of spending hours grinding and sanding by hand, use these tools to complete the same task in minutes. If you need an electric grinder tool, sanding tool or buffing wheel, Eastwood has an affordable solution.

Knowing which tool(s) you should purchase starts by knowing the difference between grinding, sanding and buffing. For those new to automotive fabrication, here are the three types of metal finishing processes explained:

  • Grinding is a high-abrasive process where large amounts of rough material are ground down or cut off.
  • Sanding is a finer process that smooths and finishes a surface.
  • Buffing is the final finishing step that achieves the desired aesthetic on metal or paint.

Resurface Metal with Ease

Eastwood sells a variety of corded grinding and sanding tools for your shop. Our handheld buffer polishers, angle grinders, orbital sanders and mini belt sanders let you bring the tool to the project. These are ideal for large parts such as body panels. In some cases, they function as multiple tools, such as if you by a buffing wheel for an angle grinder.

A benchtop grinder tool is also a must for automotive work. These allow fabricators to hold a part with both hands as they work for precision shaping and shining. The Combination Bench Grinder and Belt Sander is a 2-for-1 tool that lets you smooth out the roughest surfaces. No space on your work bench? Get a grinder pedestal stand to converter your tool into a floor mount design.

Call Eastwood seven days a week at 1-800-343-9353 if you need assistance choosing a tool. We sell in-house power grinding tools and are an authorized dealer of DeWalt, ATD Tools, Multitool, Jet and other brands that help you Do the Job Right.