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Shop Supplies

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Garage Tools and Shop Supplies

Garage and Shop Supplies

There a lot of items that are considered a basic part of even an entry-level shop - so much so that many DIYers don't even think about them. But at Eastwood, we've been thinking about this sort of stuff since 1978, and we know what needs to be up to par. We carry an assortment of in-house automotive shop supplies plus gear from ATD Tools, Lincoln Industrial, Titan and other top brands for when you need to outfit your workspace.

Every DIYer or professional mechanic can get the right garage tools at Eastwood. Get an industrial bench vise, saw horses, tire repair kits, grease guns, extension cords, razor blades and other products that are always good to keep handy. Keep your own comfort in mind as well with hydraulic seats and pneumatic stools to take a load off as you work.

Storage & Protection

A disorganized shop is a low-output shop, which is why we offer plenty of ways to arrange and catalog your tools. Socket holder racks, electrical wiring stations, magnetic part trays and shop tables are just some of the systems for staying organized and efficient. Heavy-duty tool bags can be kept in the shop or in your truck for when you need to do small tasks.

Auto Shop Cleaners

Lots of dirt and grime can build up in a shop, but there's no reason to leave it there. Use part washer buckets plus cleaners and degreasers to make sure everything that goes on your car or on the shelf has a beautiful shine. You need to scrub your own mitts before you leave the shop, so have some cleaning cloths, hand cleaners and dispensers available as well.

Quality Garage Accessories

Don't let shop supplies and garage tools be the last thing that comes to mind. Eastwood is the place to order quality products that will be used almost every time you're going under the hood or the frame. Visit the Eastwood Garage for more tips on maintaining a proper shop.