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Eastwood 750 Lb Work Stand

Item #43120 Brand: Eastwood

Stronger-than-it-looks portable stand holds up to 750 lbs.!

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Stronger-than-it-looks Portable Work Stand holds up to 750 lbs.!

  • Sturdy powder coated .045 tubular steel frame
  • 3/8"-thick foam rubber padding
  • Heavy gauge chain with welded links
  • Non-skid tips

Work standing up can really save your back! But when your workbench is otherwise occupied, you can just pull out this Portable Work Stand and set your project down right on top...fenders, doors, hoods, panels and more.

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One Heavy-Duty 750 lb Work Stand


Sturdy tubular steel frame takes seconds to adjust for height and width. 3/8" thick foam rubber padding protects painted parts from scratches. Non-skid tips keep the work stand in place. Approximately 42" tall and 41" wide, with 11" chain for height adjustment.


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Convert your Fender Stand into a welding table or plasma table!

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