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Electroplating & Chrome Plating Equipment

Give engine and suspension parts a gorgeous luster by coating them with an electroplate anodizing kit. Electroplating is a process that uses an electrical current to dissolve a metal bar, when then “plates” on the object to form a thin coating. It’s the truest way to restore the like-new factory look of aging engine covers, wheels, exhaust pipes and other metal parts. You can even use chrome plating for hardware that would be difficult to replace. Get an at-home anodizing kit from Eastwood and Do the Job Right for your auto restoration project.

DIY Chrome Plating

We have several options to make dull parts shine once again. The Eastwood Tin Zinc Electroplating System is an easy chrome plating kit that can be used on steel, copper or brass. For a darker look, the Eastwood Metal Blackening System replicates the OEM black oxide finish seen on many parts. Both metal oxidation systems resist corrosion from water, chemicals and heat. Order electroplating electrolyte solution, anode ribbons and brushes to keep your kit ready for regular use.

If you want the great look of electrical plating without the same time or financial investment, use our Almost Chrome spray paint. This metallic enamel contains zinc to improve protection and can handle temperatures up to 300 degrees. There’s also the Eastwood Liquid Chrome and Black Base Coat kit, a more advanced spray-on system that has a rugged urethane base.

OEM Protection

A DIY chrome kit or metal blackening kit is a great choice for factory restoration of cars from many eras. Custom enthusiasts also use them to make parts stand out at shows or street gatherings. We have lifetime tech support and 90-day returns on all automotive chroming systems. Learn more about how to electroplate safely in the Eastwood Garage or by calling our experts.

Automotive Electroplating & Chrome-Plating

The best way to give metal the luster you want is to use actual metal in the process. Electroplating equipment from Eastwood will restore the factory brilliance of engine blocks, radiators, wheels, tailpipes and even nuts and bolts. We also have spray-on solutions that closely match the genuine look while being faster and easier to apply. Shop today for the right gear to re-chrome, blacken or give your ride another custom appearance.