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Custom Brake Line Equipment

DIYers know that, if you can’t find the parts you need, sometimes you have to make your own. BrakeQuip has been helping mechanics and enthusiasts everywhere create custom vehicle brake tubing since 1998. If you’ve upgraded to aftermarket cylinders and rotors, have a project car with rotted-out lines or are trying to make a car’s plumbing more efficient, trust BrakeQuip to help you stop. Their products are used as original factory equipment by some of the top vehicle manufacturers and will Do the Job Right in your car.

Premium Brake & Clutch Hose

A good brake setup starts with a good line. BrakeQuip Copper Nickel Tubing meets the highest SAE standards for brake and clutch systems. You can use it for fuel line, too. These U.S.-made hoses are immune to rust and corrosion yet can be bent by hand to easily form around other parts. They also use the existing brake line hardware. Eastwood sells 25-foot brake tubing lines that you can cut to fit.

BrakeQuip Brake Tubing Tools

While some tubing can be formed by hand for pure function, the right tools will make your DIY work truly look professional. A set of brake tube straightening pliers can straighten hard metal hoses with just a squeeze — and you don’t even need to take the lines off the vehicle. Work the kinks out of thicker tubes with the bench-mount tube straightener that has five-point precision. You’ll also want a professional tubing cutter that can slice through any metal tubing up to 5/8-inch thick.

Go All Out on Your Brakes

All the fancy rotors, calipers, pads and pedals mean nothing unless you have high-quality brake plumbing. You’ll always feel confident in your car’s stopping power when it’s plumbed using BrakeQuip lines and tools. Eastwood has a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee on every product we sell. Just call the guys at the shop or stop by for expert advice from the automotive DIY leader.