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Engine Paints

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Engine Paints

High Temperature Paints - Eastwood Engine Paint Colors

In our decades of experience working with auto body projects, we've seen some incredible work inside engine bays, with restoration enthusiasts giving bold colors to engine components.

Not just any paint will work inside the engine bay, however. These engine paints are specifically engineered to handle the high-heat environment of your engine - especially the older engines found in vintage automobiles. With these engine paints and exhaust coatings, you can produce eye-popping effects whenever you pop open the hood at a show.

The engine will look as impressive as the body on your project car when it has engine paint from Eastwood. We know from decades working on vehicles that ordinary paint will quickly burn off when subject to the engine bay’s high temperatures. Our line of engine enamel is formulated to resist these extremes while retaining its like-new looks, rust prevention and oil resistance. Choose affordable Eastwood engine paints made in the USA or go with brands such as POR-15 and VHT that also have been trusted by DIYers for decades.

Engine Dress-Up Done Right

We carry dozens of paints to fit any restoration, repair or custom project need. Our high-tech engine enamel is infused with ceramic technology. This helps it resist temperatures up to 650 degrees — more than enough to handle vintage cars — while improving durability. One quart covers 40 square feet, giving you plenty to paint the block and valve covers. We also offer 2K AeroSpray™ engine spray paint that offers the same protection in a convenient aerosol form.

The only thing better than the paint quality is the wide selection of colors. In addition to the normal black and gray paints, you can get blue engine paint, red high-temp paint, yellow engine paint and many other hues. Many colors replicate original factory shades such as Chevy orange, Chrysler blue, Austin Healey green and Oldsmobile gold. Other colors are geared towards hot rodders who want to make their engine look like a one-of-a-kind creation.

Gorgeous Engine Protection

Make a great investment in a vehicle’s engine by using these high-quality finishes. Order engine paints from Eastwood online, through our catalog or in our growing network of retail stores. We have 90-day returns and lifetime technical support on every paint in stock. Call us to receive expert assistance choosing the proper paint for your project.