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  • 2K Aerospray High Temp Engine Paint Ford Blue 1966 80

2K Aerospray High Temp Engine Paint Ford Blue 1966 80

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2K Aerospray High Temp Engine Paint Ford Blue 1966 80

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Eastwood's 2K Aerospray High Temp Engine Paints allow you to paint with the durability and precision of a two component coating without the paint gun!

  • 2-Component Urethane Catalyzed Technology
  • Super Durable in Extreme Conditions
  • Temperature resistant up to 650 degrees F
  • Sprays Like a Paint Gun

Formulated with Eastwood's proprietary nano ceramic technology to provide a long lasting and durable finish, while keeping its beautiful finish for years. The innovative nozzle and valve technology, combined with its two internal chambers ensure the right ratio is mixed every time. Sprays like a gun with abroader spray pattern than conventional aerosols and no mess to clean up.Temperature resistant up to 650 degrees F. Coverage approx 35 sq ft

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Net Weight 11.8 ounces


10041Z PRE Painting Prep, 12196Z Chassis Kleen, 51483Z Rust Converter. 12846Z Aerosol Injected Cleaner, 11456 NIOSH N95 Respirator


Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when using this product. Product contains isocyanates, wear NIOSH approved breathing equipment.Always use in a well ventilated area away from open flame. Consult MSDS for specific safety warnings.


Before activating, shake aerosol vigorously for 1 min. Take red button from cap. Rotate aerosol 180 degrees and attach button to pin on aerosol bottom. Place aerosol on firm ground upside down. Press red button with the ball of your hand until stop is reached.After activating, shake aerosol again vigorously for 2 min. Pot life 48 to 72 hours at 68 degreesF.

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