Covell Creative Metalworking

Covell Creative Metalworking
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Covell Metalworking DVDs

Anyone who’s new to DIY automotive work can get up to speed quickly when they have a Covell Creative Metalworking instructional video to guide them. Ron Covell is one of the best-known and most-skilled auto fabrication professionals in the U.S. He’s spent a lifetime building custom street rods, dragsters and custom motorcycles, and along the way, he’s developed the skills of a master metal shaper. With Ron’s introduction to metalwork DVDs, he passes those skills along to other DIYers who want to make their custom car dreams a reality. After all, if you want to learn, why not learn from the best?

Metal Fabrication Basics

Eastwood has several Ron Covell metalworking DVDs for sale that remove the mystery from automotive fabrication. Our selection includes introductory videos for working with steel as well as the basics of welding processes such as TIG welding. Ron starts at the very ground level with how to set up your machines and prepare the metal. You’ll then get into the actual processes, whether that be metal shaping, repairing rust holes, welding torch techniques or using a hammer dolly. He also goes over what to do when things go wrong! If you’ve moved beyond the ABC’s, Ron also makes advanced metalworking DVDs that expand your skillset.

Learn from the Master at Eastwood

You don’t need to take months of classes or use trial-and-error in order to become a metalworking expert. Ron Covell’s DVDs provide the information and practical advice you need while explaining them in a way that’s easy to understand. You’ll feel smarter and more confident after every viewing! Our team has learned a lot from Ron, and we think you will, too. We’re both committed to helping DIYers do the best automotive metalwork and are here to assist you at every step. Head to the Eastwood Garage and search for “Ron Covell” to get even more of his professional tips!