Must-Have Paint Supplies & Accessories

Must-Have Paint Supplies & Accessories

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Must-Have Painting Tools

A great paint job starts with a visit to Eastwood for essential painting equipment and accessories. Even if your steed is picture-perfect from the sheet metal inward, problems with the finish will have people walking right past it at shows. We’ve put together a selection of must-have painting supplies so that never happens to you. This equipment is made by automotive paint legends like DeVilbiss, 3M, Dura-Block and Gerson. You’ll also find affordable must paint supplies from our in-house Eastwood and Rockwood product lines.

Paint Supplies for Cars

It’s easy to think that all you need for your first painting project is a can of paint and a spray gun. However, many other tools and accessories can make a huge difference. Both beginners and experienced automotive painters will find everything they need at Eastwood. Start with our assortment of surface preparation supplies. Aerosol cleaner, paint prep wipes and sanding supplies are some of the ways to get a surface ready for a spray. We sell multiple types of body filler compound to fill cracks for a like-new look.

You’ll also need to prepare the paint itself. Order mixing cups, pneumatic shakers, air filter dryers and other accessories to make your paint smooth and clean. Our steel speed shape lets painters test a finish before applying it to the vehicle. Remember to keep some nib files on hand to level off high spots. Take care of yourself along the way with painting safety gear such as respirator masks and spray socks. We even have supplies for interior painting so you can renew the dash panel and console.

DIY Painting Knowledge

Eastwood also provides the information painters need to Do the Job Right. Watch our Beginner’s Guide to Car Painting video above and read the Eastwood Step-By-Step Automotive Painting Guide PDF. The latter includes lists of painting supplies you’ll need for each step of the process. We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on every purchase!

How To Paint a Car + Painting Supplies & Equipment You Need

When it comes to putting down a great paint job Eastwood has everything you need to do the job right. The first thing you should do is watch this incredibly detailed video that walks you through every step. Eastwood even provides FREE Step-by-Step Instructions that include a complete Supply List that you can get by clicking here.

Don't forget to check out the products below that will help you do the job right. Make sure you get the necessities like safety gear, air filtration systems, masking tape and paper, as well as paint shakers, paint racks, tack rags, sanding blocks, Pre paint prep and even nibs for fixing those imperfections. And don't forget we carry all the primers, paints and body fillers you need to make the car straight and perfect.