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Channellock Tools Made in the U.S.

Hard-working auto enthusiasts deserve hard-working tools that are up to the task. Channellock hand tools have set the standard for excellence since 1886. Now run by the fifth generation of the DeArment family, all Channellock tools are still made in Meadville, PA following the guiding principles of its founder. They continue to develop new tools that professionals and DIYers trust, and at Eastwood, you can order the latest Channellock automotive tools that help you Do the Job Right.

Channellock Pliers

When many people think Channellock, they think pliers — and with good reason. Their multi-position slip-joint pliers were first developed more than 85 years ago and continue to be the best-known in the industry. We have many styles of shop pliers for all your gripping and twisting needs. You’ll find straight jaw pliers, welder’s pliers, retaining ring pliers, crimping pliers and more in various sizes. Get an entire set so you’ll have the leverage for everything from removing bolts and clamping body panels to terminating wires.

Cutting & Snipping Tools

But there’s more to this legendary company than just pliers. Channellock makes all sorts of specialty tools for automotive use. Shop now for all sorts of hand metal cutters to remove rusty edges, create patch panels and cut custom panels. Eastwood carries Channellock tin snips, utility snips, aviation snips and cable-wire cutters. There are also upright snips for overhead metal cutting and offset snips for tight spaces. Other tools include the Channellock Ratcheting Screwdriver with 18 drive bits to handle almost any fastening job.

Premium Trade Tools from the DIY Leader

The guys and girls at Eastwood trust Channellock tools every day for their auto projects and are proud to offer them for all DIYers. Your shop will have the ultimate tools carry a lifetime material and workmanship warranty for the original owner. Call or email us for advice on which Channellock products are best for the work you do.

High quality pliers and snips form the brand Channellock.