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CRC Specialty Chemicals for Automotive Work

The automotive industry is always changing — and CRC Industries is always one step ahead. This Pennsylvania-based company has been serving professional auto technicians and DIYers for more than 60 years with innovative aerosol chemical solutions. What began as a company with a single multi-purpose metal lubricant is now a global supplier with dozen of trademarked products for vehicle maintenance and repair. All CRC chemicals are manufactured to meet the highest performance standards while following regulatory requirements for safety. Almost every part of your project car can perform even better when it’s been given the CRC treatment.

Metal & Electronic Chemicals

CRC automotive chemical sprays can be used to clean, lubricate, protect against rust and much more for smooth operation. Eastwood has an assortment of products that Do the Job Right just like you. We carry chemical cleaners formulated for sensitive equipment as well as rust inhibitors and metal lubricators. If you’re designing custom body panels or windshields, CRC Blue Layout Fluid will improve accuracy. This dye coats metal or glass in a uniform blue color that improves the visibility of scribe lines. It also covers up scratches so you don’t accidentally cut or machine on those lines by mistake.

The Best Automotive Aerosols

Eastwood is always adding the latest CRC products to our store that have proven themselves in our own garage. Whether it’s white lithium grease for lubricating garage door rollers or their leading line of brake cleaners, a CRC solution is often the best one. We have been a DIY automotive leader since 1978 and will help you find the right chemicals for your shop shelves. Just call us, stop by an Eastwood retail store seven days a week or visit the Eastwood Garage online blog to get the answers you need.