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ColorBond Interior Refinishing Spray Paint

You don’t need to spend days or weeks searching out replacement interior components for your car in order to bring back a factory look. ColorBond auto restoration paint is a simple spray-on solution that will have the inside looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor. DIYers have trusted ColorBond since 1994 for premium automotive interior coatings to use on their restoration projects. These aerosol automotive refinishers will restore leather, vinyl and plastic, penetrating the surface as it coats to create a lasting bond. It’s a quick and lasting way to renew seats, dashboards, carpets, doors and other components that are faded or discolored.

OEM Vehicle Interior Paints

Eastwood carries a full selection of ColorBond LVP Refinisher that perfectly matches the original factory colors of many classic muscle cars and hot rods. Our customers can get GM ebony, Ford light graphite, GM shale, black carpet and many other shades of interior paint. Custom colors are available, too. Simply clean the surface using ColorBond Prep Cleaner, apply three coats with two minutes of drying time between each, and give the paint 10 minutes to bond. Just like that, you’ll have a newly refinished interior that won’t crack, peel or flake. The UV-stable formula can be used on motorcycle and boat seats as well. In the case of marine applications, add ColorBond Adhesive Promoter first to help the paint stick to tougher plastics.

Renew any Upholstery

Even ripped and torn seats on cars that have been sitting in a junkyard for months can be beautifully restored with the inside advantage of ColorBond. Click on one of the finishes below to see a video all about how this remarkable technology brings car interiors back to life at a fraction of what replacement parts cost. Both ColorBond and Eastwood fully back each can of refinishing paint so you can be confident your car’s inside will look great.

ColorBond Interior Car Paint

Make a vehicle interior look like it did in the showroom with high-quality ColorBond™ paint. Since 1994, people have used ColorBond LVP Refinisher to make cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats look brand new. This aerosol paint has a unique molecular bonding formula that penetrates deep into leather, vinyl and plastic for a lasting finish. It’s a quick and easy way to freshen up the interior without buying new seats and dash panels. You can also use ColorBond LVP to paint replacement components or customize a vehicle. Their colors paint the original factory hues found in vintage muscle cars and modern sedans alike.

OEM Vehicle Upholstery Paint

Shop at Eastwood for a full selection of ColorBond paint and accessories. We sell many different popular Ford and GM interior paint colors, including Cashmere, Dark Graphite, Light Titanium and Medium Parchment. Universal colors are also available such as the standard Black Carpet paint. These paints are made in the USA and won’t peel or flake when applied properly. Use the ColorBond LVP Color Chart to determine which shade is a factory match for your car.

In less than an hour, you can renew your interior using ColorBond. Use their Prep Cleaner to clean the surface, then apply three coats of paint with two minutes of wait time between each. It takes just 10 minutes for the paint to bond to the surface material. If you own a boat or have a car with problem plastics, add ColorBond Adhesive Promoter to help the paint stick.

Car Interior Restoration

ColorBond is the fastest and most affordable way to freshen up dash panels, consoles, seats, carpets, sail panels and many other components. Order this OEM-certified car interior spray paint from Eastwood to get the backing of our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Watch our ColorBond demonstration video so you can see the revolutionary paint in action.