Plastic & Glass Repair

Plastic & Glass Repair

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Automotive Plastic and Glass Repair

Auto Glass & Plastic Repair

If you need to repair glass or plastic on a vehicle, Eastwood has the tools, accessories and know-how to make it happen. Most auto body equipment and tech tips involve working with metal. However, there are a lot of other materials in cars and motorcycles as well — especially with modern rides. Windows, interior panels, seat bases and other components need the same quality care. Eastwood has a large assortment of products and kits for repairing or replacing glass and plastic parts so they look as good as the metal ones.

Although it seems to be everywhere, not every aspect of restoring your car involves metal. The glass of the greenhouse takes up a large portion of the body. If you have a car made in the past 30 years, chances are a good portion of it is made of plastic, too. Eastwood has what you need to remove and install new glass, polish scratches out of the old windows or repair a cracked dashboard.

Car Glass Scratch Removal & Polishing

Many people are surprised to learn that removing scratches from glass isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Glass is a very durable material, and as long as it’s not cracked or delaminating, you can often restore it to like-new condition. Windshield and window scratch repair involves polishing the glass with special tools that remove and fill the scratches to improve your on-the-road vision.

An Eastwood glass polishing kit is often an economical alternative to replacing a windshield or window, especially if you have an older model vehicle where such parts are hard to find. These kits contain a polishing compound, buffing pad and backing pad for removing light scratches and haze while giving glass an impeccable shine. Our auto glass repair kit for deep scratches also has abrasive discs for getting out those tougher dings.

Plastic Repair Tools & Compounds

There's so much plastic in modern cars — in fact, it’s estimated that 50% of a modern vehicle’s volume is plastic. Some even have plastic body panels! Auto manufacturers have switched to plastic for many parts because it is much lighter, improving fuel efficiency and power-to-weight ratio. However, fixing these parts can be challenging if you don’t have the right tools.

So what do you do when you need to repair a torn bumper cover, inner fender or the body work on a motorcycle? Our plastic repair supplies can fix up everything from panels to dashboards. We have several repair kits for both regular plastics and “problem plastics”. Use hot stapler plastic repair systems for when strength is more important or plastic welding for a similar process to metal repair. You'll also find plenty of fillers and resurfacers to restore both looks and performance. If a plastic part has been dented, a paintless dent removal suction cup can pull them out without leaving any chips or scratches.

Headlight Restoration Supplies

Many modern and late model cars have plastic headlight lenses. These lights are great for style but wear down faster than glass fixtures, leaving a yellow haze that clouds one’s nighttime vision. A headlight refinishing kit is a proven home method to restore their clarity. Eastwood has professional-grade kits to polish them until they are clear once more. With some polish, a buffing wheel and some elbow grease, you'll be able to see clearly again at night. Our kits can be attached to an electric drill, further speeding up the restoration process.

Top-Rated Eastwood Tools

Since 1978, our team has been finding solutions for all aspects of automotive restoration. We've seen how important glass and plastics are to newer vehicle generations and have the supplies you need to keep them up to snuff. Shop today for equipment that is developed and tested here in the U.S. for folks who love to spend the weekend in the garage

We also provide the expertise for DIYers to use this equipment. Visit the Eastwood Garage online for articles, videos and tips about auto scratch removal or plastic repair. Our tech team can answer specific questions by phone or email.