Earls Performance Plumbing

Earls Performance Plumbing

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DIY Hoses, Filters and Coolers

Earl’s vehicle hoses are some of the toughest, most flexible you’ll find. Auto-Flex Hose, Perform-O-Flex hose and other premium stainless steel hose can be used for everything from fuel to transmission fluid. If you’re using Earl’s racing hoses to make fuel lines, make sure you grab a billet aluminum fuel filter that prevents gunk from getting to the engine. We also have oil coolers that keep can keep your oil temperature down in any high-performance application.

All the Fittings Your Car Needs

Earl’s Performance Plumbing fittings are designed to hold fast no matter your setup or how hard you drive. You’ll find swivel-seal hose ends, tubing adapters, hose clamps, brake flare adapters, O-ring ports and other ways to string lines together. Add in thermostats, adjustable wrenches and other accessories to turn your garage into a vehicle plumbing center.

Keep Fluids Flowing with Eastwood

Our car guys trust Earl’s Performance Plumbing in their rides to deliver those fluids where they need to be. Everything we sell has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and free lifetime technical support. Eastwood has been a DIY leader since 1978 and will help you find the parts to do the job right on your next restoration or repair job.

High-Performance Vehicle Plumbing

We carry a lineup of Earl’s Performance Vehicle Plumbing products for fuel, coolant, brakes and other fluid-based systems. Earl’s is a division of the legendary Holley Performance Products, and together, they help lead the industry when it comes to fluid-handling in your performance vehicle.