OptiFlow Roll On Primer System

OptiFlow Roll On Primer System

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OptiFlow Roll-On Primer System

Getting your restoration project ready for a basecoat is easier than ever when you have OptiFlow Roll-On Automotive Primer. Every vehicle finish needs a good primer base beneath it. However, the cost, skill and setup of HVLP spray primer systems can be prohibitive to some. This special primer for cars will produce a perfectly smooth and straight finish just like from the factory — but without the need for a paint gun. Whether you’re new to DIY work or a veteran of the craft, OptiFlow roll-on car primer is the solution for great results with less effort.

The Benefits of OptiFlow Primer

The advantages of roll-on automotive primer go beyond not having to invest in an HVLP gun. Other OptiFlow roll-on primer benefits include:

• No overspray messes on garage floors or equipment

• No overspray to filter

• Minimal masking needed

• Great results in less time

Eastwood has both roll-on epoxy primers and urethane primers to meet your needs. The OptiFlow Roll-On Epoxy Primer Kit is ideal for bare metal applications while the sandable urethane primer helps you get the panel smooth before painting. Our Ultimate OptiFlow Roll-On Epoxy and Urethane Primer Kit is one of four different packages we sell that include rollers, sanding blocks, plastic trays and other essentials. These tools and accessories are also available separately to freshen an existing OptiFlow bundle.

Professional Results Fast

OptiFlow is the secret to producing a great automotive paint foundation regardless of experience level. And no one will ever know unless you tell them! Visit our OptiFlow Roll-On Primer information page or watch the demonstration video above to learn more about this system and see which package might be best for your need. Our experts are also available by phone and email if you need one-on-one advice. The OptiFlow system has a one-year warranty and the 100% customer satisfaction guarantee that backs every sale.