Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment

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Safety Protection

Safety Accessories for Cars & Workers

Cars aren't just potentially dangerous when they're on the road. Repair and restoration work carry their own risks, and at Eastwood, we want you to actually be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Our selection of auto safety equipment has the apparel and accessories you need to paint, weld, grind or hammer with fewer hazards to your short-term or long-term health.

Masks & Respirators

When you're painting, power coating, buffing or sandblasting, many fumes and abrasive clouds are released into the air. Even if your shop is fully ventilated, you'll need good wearable protection for your lungs. Find everything from simple dust masks and half-mask face respirators up to full-face shop masks that also shield your eyes. We sell replacement respirator filters as well if yours are full or clogged.

Full-Body Shop Safety

Cover yourself from head to toe without hindering your ability to work by wearing the right auto shop gear. Safety glasses, plasma shades and face protection shields are an effective way to keep overspray or stray sparks out of your eyes. Eastwood has a huge selection of gloves, including welding gloves, nitrile work gloves, cut-resistant gloves and blasting cabinet gloves. Wearing a welding jacket or painter's coveralls will keep you and your clothes in good shape.

Safety Straps

It's not just you that you need to worry about in the shop. Ratchet straps, axle straps and tie-down sets will hold objects in place so they don't unexpectedly roll or fall. Use them to secure heavy equipment or when you're loading cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs onto a trailer.

The Shop Protection You Deserve

Our automotive safety equipment runs the gamut from basic gear for staying clean to advanced accessories for averting cuts, burns and toxic chemical inhalation. We take safety seriously at Eastwood and have an award-winning customer service team that will assist you in finding the right gear.