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Auto Body Sealer

If you're doing a serious auto restoration, then the right sealer is a small but important part of the rebuild. Seam sealant has been used by car manufacturers for decades to provide a barrier against air and water leaks that can occur around sheet metal welds, gaps or overlaps. Not only is it smart to increase vehicle comfort and longevity, but car show judges will be looking for it, so you'd better have the right stuff. Eastwood seam sealer comes in several styles to match the requirements of your classic car so you'll be up to specifications

Fast Acting Sealant

Whatever product you choose, you'll get a sealer that cures quickly and will last for life if applied correctly. Our 1K auto body sealer is easy to use with little or no mess. It the most cost-effective option for repairs, but is less likely to match the original finish. Once it begins to set, it will require smoothing out using paint prep and a gloved finger. Eastwood 2K sealer is a self-leveling product that doesn't require this extra step, making it good for tight areas that you can't access for smoothing.

Multiple Application Methods

Our team has come up with every possible way to apply automotive body sealant to your car. Traditional brush-on sealer remains the best way to replicate the factory finish and is primarily used for overlapping metal such as firewalls and trunk seams. For hard-to-reach spaces such as rocker panels, floors and dashboards, use our sealer cartridges and caulk guns. You can cut the cartridge tip at different points depending on how wide a bead you want. If you have to seal irregular shapes such as headlight housings, hoses and trim, non-hardening flexible caulk strips will work around them with ease.

The Genuine Protection You Need

Eastwood body sealer comes in several colors and formulas to fit what was OEM on your car. Order your supplies today or get a full seam sealer kit so you can keep the elements out and the authentic style in.