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Door Repair Tools

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Car Door Repair for All

If your car doors are looking or feeling a little used up, the right door repair tools from Eastwood will help you get them in great condition again. Doors are subject to a lot of wear and tear during their life from accidents, bumpy roads, harsh weather, stray toys or just excessive use. We stock a number of tools that are made for the specific purpose of working on car doors. You'll be able to do repairs faster and more accurately with equipment designed for the task.

Hinge & Alignment Tools

On any car that gets used a lot, the hinge pins will eventually wear down - especially cars with long, heavy doors such as old flathead coupes or the iconic Bel Air. Our hinge door tools will help you replace those pins and get the door in line again. We sell hinge pin pullers for getting the old ones out and drivers for pushing the new ones in. Both are shaped to work within the tight clearances of most cars. If you're putting a door back on, use the Eastwood Pin Alignment System so it doesn't clip other parts when you shut it.

Door Skinning & Removal

As for the door itself, we have plenty of tools for replacing the outer panel or accessing the internal side. Replace your old hammer and dolly with a pneumatic door skinning tool that will give you a factory-worthy crimp without wearing out your arms. Removing or reinstalling the door will be just as simple with an E-Z door hanger that is operated using your floor jack. We have door panel and trim removal tools as well that smoothly pull these pieces off.

Your Expert Car Door Repair Shop

Show your old inadequate tools the door, so to speak, with the right equipment from Eastwood. Our selection comes from Martin Tools, Steck, Rapid Air and our own R&D department, among others, with the goal of always having the best options available. If you're not satisfied with something, send it back under the terms of our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee!