Vibratory Tumblers

Vibratory Tumblers

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Vibratory Painting Tumblers

Get small parts and hardware looking like new again with our selection of sandblasting tumbler bowls. A vibratory tumbler is an efficient, safe way to clean and polish small metal items. All you have to do to is place the parts and blast media inside the bowl, then start the high-torque motor. The tumbler does the rest, gently stripping paint and surface rust off brackets, spacers, bolts and much more. From there, you can repaint the hardware or immediately put it to use. Watch our Media Tumbler Before & After video to see these metal hardware cleaners in action.

Media Tumblers for Cars

The Eastwood R&D guys have developed a pro-quality vibratory tumbling system to renew parts that are hard to replace or fabricate. Our 5-pound vibratory media tumbler can handle small batches of hardware. If you have a busy shop or regularly do big restoration projects, go with the 18-pound car part tumbler. Both heavy-duty hardware sandblaster come with green light-cut blast media for light rust removal on a variety of metals and Dri-Shine tumbler removal to polish the newly de-rusted parts. These are available for purchase separately along with a medium-cut brown pyramid media for more intense cleaning and Eastwood Metal Wash to do the final paint preparation. We also sell replacement bowls for when yours wears out.

DIY Metal Cleaning & Polishing

Since 1978, Eastwood has been helping auto restoration enthusiasts with the best equipment and service. We’re a pioneer and DIY sandblasting and developed our vibratory tumblers to do high-level work at a bargain price. Visit the Eastwood Garage for more information about these machines, including other possible uses and basic troubleshooting tips. We also provide free lifetime tech support by phone or email. All tumblers have a 1-year warranty and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.