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Scroll Air Compressors

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Scroll Air Compressors & Accessories

Eastwood Scroll Compressors

Turn up the air power in your shop while turning down the noise with an Eastwood scroll compressor. These air compressors have been used for decades by industrial shops, factories and others who need high-volume air. Now DIY mechanics can own a compressor that will easily power sandblasting cabinets, paint guns, vehicle lifts, tire changers and other equipment for serious auto enthusiasts.

What is a Scroll Compressor?

Most shop compressors are piston compressors (aka reciprocating compressors) which use a cylinder to compress the air. A scroll compressor, on the other hand, contains a moving scroll which creates the needed pressure. This has several advantages over traditional compressors. Among other things, a scroll-style Eastwood compressor is quieter, more efficient and capable of producing higher CGM output. There’s also no risk of oil mixing with the air. Read our “Top 3 Reasons You Need a Scroll Compressor” article in the Eastwood Garage for more about.

Eastwood Quiet Scroll Air

Get an Eastwood scroll compressor for sale at an affordable price to do industrial-level work. The Eastwood Elite QST 30/60 Scroll Compressor produces up to 12.7 CFM of airflow to run every tool in your shop — and even several tools at once. For people who work full-time as a mechanic, auto body specialist or custom builder, the Eastwood QST 80-120 Scroll Air Compressor delivers the brawn professionals need. Eastwood also sells an assortment of replacement parts, accessories and maintenance supplies. Order pressure gauges, oil filters, motor assemblies, intercoolers and everything else to keep these compressors blowing air.

Call or email Eastwood seven days a week to speak with a shop compressor expert. We’ve used all sorts of compressors and can tell you from experience whether a scroll compressor is worth the investment for your garage. Our in-house compressors have a three-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.