Interior Repair

Interior Repair

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Auto Interior Repair

A nice-looking car body will catch the eyes of passerby and judges. But a solid inside is key to riding more comfortably. Eastwood car interior tools are the right ones for working on steering wheels, seats, dashboards and other delicate parts. The inside of a vehicle is filled with components that require precision and care. One wrong move and you might be faced with needing a replacement that doesn't exist anymore. We sell supplies that work with both OEM and custom car interior parts for restoring the innards of your favorite ride.

Choose Your Car Interior Repair Kit

Many interior fixes require multiple tools that aren't commonly sold at a parts shop. Ordering an auto interior repair kit ensures you have all the proper supplies and saves you money by bundling. Some of the best kits we sell are the Master Steering Wheel Kit for repairing cracks and the Rigid Hard Plastic Repair Kit for filling gaps and joining panels. We also have vinyl and dashboard repair systems, upholstery sets and rivet kits that are highly rated by those who use them.

Tools & Accessories

From firewall to trunk wall, Eastwood has the vehicle interior repair equipment to do things right. We have a variety of specialty pliers, such as stretching pliers for putting on new seat covers and hot ring pliers for attaching them to the frame. Trim removal toolsets and panel tool sets are uniquely shaped to pry off these parts without marring them or the surface. We also have a selection of epoxy fillers, sealing foams and seat dye prep aerosols that get surfaces ready for a flashy new coat.

Drive in Comfort & Style

Once your restoration is complete, most of the time you spend with your car will be on the inside - so you'll need it working and looking its best. Eastwood auto interior tools are solution-based products that have made work easier and more effective since 1978. The tech team is standing by as well with tip and tricks for those new to the field.