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Contains rust inhibitors to prevent corrosion
Only $26.99
Sprayable high-build filler is an excellent base for any paint system

Starting at: $31.99

High-Build Self Leveling Formula
Only $24.99
Fill pinholes, scratches, minor imperfections prior to painting
Only $14.99
Reinforced with aluminum for a stronger, corrosion-resistant repair
Only $29.99
High-Build with excellent filling capabilities

Starting at: $26.99

Repair rusted-out spots, holes, tears and cracks
Only $53.99
A quick fix for micro-pinholes that are hard to identify
Only $53.99
Revolutionary technology that changes color as it dries
Only $61.99
Revolutionary technology that changes color as it dries
Only $28.99
Revolutionary technology that changes color as it dries
Only $99.99
Fill pinholes, sand scratches, polyester putty...even on large areas

Starting at: $14.99

Flexible Glaze great for bumper repair
Only $9.99
Final Finish Glaze has an ultra-smooth finish
Only $9.99
2-In-1 Filler/Finisher is a lightweight filler and glaze
Only $10.99
Reinforcing SMC/Fiberglass Filler
Only $9.99
Metal Grip Filler has an extra high adhesion
Only $9.99
Formulated to allow for extended work times
Only $31.99
Formulated to allow for extended work times up to 40 minutes
Only $71.99
Evercoat Ever Gold Finishing Putty 16 oz 100405
Only $19.99
Sprayable primer/surfacer offers excellent adhesion to metal and more

Starting at: $42.99

Evercoat Metal Glaze Ultra 30 ounces
Only $38.99
SEM Bumper Bite Flexible Glaze
Only $29.99
Rage Ultra Body Filler .8 Gallon
Only $66.99
20 different straight and curved edges for precise application
Only $3.99
Repair holes, rusted metal, body seams and shattered fiberglass
Only $74.99
For use with USC fillers that require a liquid catalyst
Only $6.99
Non-separating cream hardener is for use with USC fillers
Only $5.99
Include resin, liquid hardener, fiberglass cloth, spreader
Only $41.99
USC's best-selling lightweight filler; superb spreadability, workability
Only $20.99
Aluminum-based filler can be drilled or tapped; rustproof, waterproof
Only $31.99
Need more filler over self-etching primers? Use FeatherFill® G2™
Only $92.99
Replacement for lost or damaged catalyst for our Evercoat filler line
Only $7.99
Replacement for lost or damaged catalyst for our Evercoat filler line
Only $4.99
Evercoat's best-selling body filler: smooth spreading, easy sanding
Only $26.99
Flows smoothly, sands easily, reduces heat from aggressive sanding
Only $73.99
Lightweight filler includes ZNX-7® for faster, easier sanding
Only $87.99
Save clean-up time, money: 100 tear- off mixing sheets on masonite board
Only $21.99
An advanced, clog-free, lightweight body filler
Only $38.99
Eurosoft Glazing Putty 1.2lb
Only $38.99
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Auto Body Filler Supplies

Having a minor problem with a body panel doesn't necessarily mean you have to create a patch panel or chuck the whole thing out. Auto body fillers are the modern way to patch up small panel imperfections while retaining the smooth looks and structural integrity. Eastwood has an assortment of body filler products that can be used to repair rust holes and cracks or fill small dents that you can't otherwise get out. Our products come from EverCoat, USC, SEM and Eastwood that come in several reliable formulas and sizes.

Types of Body Filler

Part of the reason Eastwood carries so many body fillers is that each of them is best for certain things. There are four primary categories for various situations:

  • Glazing Putty: A standard body filler that is mainly for filling minor scratches and pinholes. They are popular for these small projects because they are easy to apply and cure quickly, though their stain resistance is low.
  • Fiberglass Strand Filler: These reinforced medium body fillers can be spread on a number of metal and fiberglass surfaces. They are great for small rust spots, cracks and tears.
  • Aluminum Filler: Another medium-grade filler that contains aluminum particles for added strength. They can be added to factory seams and other places that need to withstand high driving forces or impacts
  • Polyester Body Filler: This premium universal filler is used for large-scale projects and is typically applied directly to metal or over an epoxy primer. It has the highest stain resistance, adhesion and sand-ability of any major filler.

Strong, Professional Results

Whether you're restoring a vintage car or patching a ding on your everyday vehicle, you can get the best auto body filler at Eastwood. From our Contour™ lines of filling compounds to 2-in-1 fillers and hardeners, we have something that will shore up your body panels. We have been a company by and for DIY enthusiasts since 1978 and will assist you in finding a product that will do a quality job while saving you time and money.

Body Fillers Explained
  • Premium Polyester : Univeral filler that can be used DTM (Direct To Metal) or over epoxy primer.
  • Fiberglass Strand: A multi-purpose, high-strength, micro-fiber-reinforced filler designed to repair rusted-out spots, holes, tears and cracks on fiberglass, regular and galvanized steel, aluminum and SMC.
  • Glazing Putty: Use glazing putty to fill pinholes and other minor imperfections that can ruin the look of your final finish.
  • Aluminum-Filler: Fortified with aluminum particles to produce a repair with extra strength. Excellent for making repairs to factory-leaded seams and high-strength applications.
Body filler for dent repair and professional grade auto body repairs!
Whether you are performing a body off restoration or repairing dents and door dings, Eastwood has the auto body fillers you need to achieve professional results. We carry a full selection of Eastwood, Evercoat, USC, and Bondo auto body fillers, including Rage Gold, Rage Extreme, Metal2Metal, All-Metal, DuraGlass, Bondo-Dynalite and much more.


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