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Hand Air and Power Tool Sale

Pneumatic Punches and Flangers

Air powered metal flange and hole punch tools

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Unique swivel-head design lets you work from almost any angle

Only $64.99

Sale $53.97

5/16" punch, and a flanger, in one pistol-grip pneumatic tool
Only $109.99
Produces 0.040" offset flanges and punches 7/32"-dia. holes

Only $89.99

Sale $85.97

Produces 0.040" offset flanges and punches 5/16"-dia. holes
Only $112.99
S & G Tool Aid Pneumatic Panel Crimper 91625
Only $37.99
Single Pass Pneumatic Door Skinner Tool
Only $165.99
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If you do a lot of body work these air punch-flangers will save you a ton of time over the manual type.

Eastwood sells manual flangers that produce a similar effect with just your own brute strength, but using them for large jobs can take up a lot of time and energy. Why not use the power of compressed air to get the job done faster? Speed through the flanging part of the job, and spend more time on the welding and body work that actually shows. These tools also will punch holes in sheet metal which makes tack welding door skins and such a breeze too.

We've also got a flanger-crimper attachment that works with your Pneumatic Hammer to produce the same results, without having to pay for a whole other air tool. Perfect for the occasional DIYer.