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Eastwood Block Sanders

When you can’t have a single curve, crease or divot in your paint job, use sanding blocks from Eastwood to Do the Job Right. A block sander keeps your sandpaper perfectly flat so the panels and surfaces it sands will be, too. You also get more leverage than you would with your bare hands. The result is the precision of traditional hand-sanding with the speed and efficiency of a power sander. Get your doors, hoods, spoilers and patch panels ready for primer or paint by preparing the surface with these high-quality block sanders.

Paint Prep Sanding

We carry more than two dozen Dura-Block® sanding blocks that are milled to be as flat and straight as an NHRA drag strip. They come in a variety of lengths, widths and shapes to work on different panels. The Full Size Dura-Block is a traditional long block sander that’s also available at 2/3 and 1/3 length. From there, we have teardrop sanding blocks, round blocks, composite blocks and scuff pads. You can even get taco-shaped block sanders and round sanding tubes for fenders, tailfins and other contoured parts. They’re rigid enough for straight-line work while offering some flex when needed.

Eastwood sanding blocks use hook-and-loop sandpaper for wet or dry sanding. If you’re buying sanding tools for the first time or swapping out an old set, we offer several block sander kits containing commonly needed blocks. One of the packages includes an instructional DVD that introduces new DIYers to the basics of body panel sanding.

Straight-Line Metal Finishing

Expertly smooth out bare metal, paint or body filler by keeping Eastwood Dura-Block sanders in the toolbox. Search the Eastwood Garage to find expert articles and videos all about DIY sanding. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for all purchases online, by phone or in a retail store.