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Universal Covers in Medium and Large Sizes

Starting at: $74.99

1.1 Amp UltraSafe Battery Charger and Maintainer
Only $41.99
3.5 Amp UltraSafe Battery Charger and Maintainer
Only $63.99
4000 Amp UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter
Only $312.99
1,000 Amp UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter
Only $104.99
4pc Eastwood Wheel Dolly Set

Starting at: $143.98

6-12V 750mA Battery Charger G750
Only $33.99
Boost HD 2000A Jump Starter GB70
Only $221.99
Eastwood 2pc 1000lb Wheel Dolly Set
Only $71.99
Store 4 Wheel Dollies on a Convenient Rolling Cart
Only $49.99
Lift & Move Projects or Stored Vehicles with Ease
Only $199.99
Rockwood Battery Maintainer
Only $33.99
4 dollies help you push your car out of the way; 2500-lb.-cap. each
Only $269.99
4 dollies help you push your car out of the way; 1500-lb.-cap. each
Only $184.99
To disable car, unscrew this knob from battery and take it with you
Only $14.99
Fuse link uses replaceable 5-amp fuses
Only $5.99
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Automotive Storage Supplies

When it's time to put your pride and joy away for the winter, Eastwood auto storage equipment will keep it in pristine shape come spring. Even a few months sitting in the shop or barn can lead to a car looking and running like an old beater if it's not properly cared for. These products will protect your car from damage while also clearing up shop space. We stock car storage accessories from NOCO, Merrick, Battery Tender and Rockwood plus the ones we've developed based on user experience and feedback.

Shop Dollies, Racks & Car Covers

If you're not using a car, then having it sit in the middle of a shop bay doesn't do much good. Our automobile dollies let you roll the car into space where you wouldn't be able to drive it, opening up the floor for your latest project. We have 12-inch wheel dollies for most regular-size cars and adjustable hydraulic dollies that can fit around wider wheels. Don't forget to cover your vehicle with a universal stretch car cover to keep dust and dirt off the body.

Storage for Vehicle Batteries

All batteries lose their charge over time, and a winter of inactivity may leave you dead in the water. Eastwood has a selection of car storage battery products to keep them juiced up. Car battery chargers such as the famous Battery Tender will automatically charge up 6-volt and 12-volt vehicle batteries or maintain them during storage. If the battery does go flat, a Boost jump starter will fire it up without needing another car. This versatile device can also power USB electronics, power inverters and other equipment.

The Right Care for Your Car

By treating a car well when it's in hibernation, it will be ready to treat you well on your next road trip or track day. Contact our service team if you need assistance choosing the right auto storage accessories. Eastwood has four decades and counting of DIY industry experience and is ready to help you.


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