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Powder Coating Preparation

Products for removal of paint, powder and surface cleaning

Eastwood Powder Coating Prep

Automotive powder coating is the same as painting in one major way: you need a well-prepared surface in order for the result to come out the way you want. Dirty, greasy or scratched surfaces can reduce the adhesion and durability of your finish. Powder coating preparation supplies from Eastwood are an effective and affordable way to get your metal parts ready. We are the leader in DIY powder coating and will get your project off to the right start.

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Twin 10"x30" Infrared Lamps for curing big housings; includes stand
Only $1,637.99
Dissolves rust, leaves a protective zinc-phosphate 1 step
Only $24.99
Removes silicone, wax, polish, grease; promotes paint/powder adhesion

Starting at: $9.99

Make permanent, rustproof, metal mixing or measuring
Only $60.99
Clean-up or smooth Lab-Metal to minimize sanding
Only $15.99
Metal repair putty, dent filler and patching compound... ready-to-use
Only $33.99
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PRE preps for a great paint job

Best Paint Remover for Metal

When it comes to paint stripping for metal surfaces, ordinary stripping solvents and cleaners just won't do. Eastwood's Down to Metal® Stripper is specially designed for use on steel and aluminum, quickly taking off old coatings. The PRE Painting Prep cleaning system that is so popular for painter works great for powder coaters as well. Use it to strip away old oil, grease, wax or polish and leave your surface ready for powder. If a part has small rust spots, our spray-on metal etcher will wipe them out and leave behind a zinc-phosphate coating to protect against further damage.

Metal Repair & Filler Supplies

For larger rust spots, holes, cracks, dents and other imperfections, you may need a quality filler compound. Alvin Lab-metal is a remarkable aluminum-reinforced putty that can be used to permanently repair these surface problems. Use a putty knife to apply it right from the can, then sand it down as needed for a smooth water-resistant finish. This high-temperature metal filler will thwart the heat of both the powder coating process and of vehicle operation.

Home Powder Coating Made Easy

The Eastwood HotCoat® powder coating system covers every step of this automotive finishing methods, and that includes having a good surface to work with. We are proud to carry everything you need for preparing metal and cleaning up so you can have a great looking machine. Everything is covered by our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee and professional tech support.


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