Hydraulic Shop Presses

Hydraulic Shop Presses

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Hydraulic Presses and Press Accessories

Hydraulic Shop Press Systems

There are many parts in a vehicle that undergo tons of pressure when you're driving - but in order to withstand it, you'll first need to put tons of pressure on them during installation. A hydraulic shop press provides the controlled pressure you'd normally only expect to see in a manufacturing plant or machine shop. If you do a lot of work with suspensions or engines, then shop presses can save you a lot of money versus the labor costs of bringing parts to a mechanic. Find an Eastwood shop press for sale today and bring the biggest hammer down whenever you need it.

Industrial Presses for Auto Use

You don't need to spend a fortune to get a high-quality press. Our team offers Woodward Fab and Ranger bottle jack shop presses that are powerful and affordable. A Woodward Fab 10-ton bench mount shop press is strong enough to use with most control arm bushings, axle bearings, U-joints and other suspension parts. If you're pressing sleeves onto engine cylinders or doing other heavy work, the floor mount 20-ton shop press for sale will deliver the force you need. Operate this equipment using the included movable hand pump or attach an add-on foot pump to go hands-free. Each model has an easy-read pressure gauge, durable press plates and an adjustable table to accommodate users of all experience levels.

Service as Strong as Our Equipment

If you've never used a shop press before, you might be a little nervous handling all that power. Just call or email our tech team and we'll help you get started with pressing or stamping. They can also be used for bending or straightening once you have some experience. Our hydraulic presses are made of heavy steel and come with a one-year warranty. Add one to your home shop or auto repair center so you can apply the leverage and pressure you need when simple manpower isn't enough.

Hydraulic shop presses for straightening, stamping, bending and pressing metal or the installation and removal of bearings, axle bearings, transmission bearings, seals, U-joints and many other jobs.