Tire Service Equipment

Tire Service Equipment

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Tire Repair and Service Equipment

Tire Servicing Equipment

If you do a lot of automotive restorations or have a race team, then you're also going to be working with a lot of tires and wheels. Owning your own tire shop equipment means you won't have to spend extra time and money every time you need to balance or change your car's shoes. Shop at Eastwood for tire machines from Ranger, Merrick and from the guys in our shop. This equipment is used by professional technicians as well whose job depends on a good set of tires.

Durable Tire Machines

Stop trying to swap tires on and off a wheel using screwdrivers and pry bars. Eastwood swing arm tire changers are designed to mount and dismount rubber without damaging the tire or the rim. Once you've got the right combination, an electronic tire and wheel balancer is the way to precisely weight them so your car doesn't shake or vibrate. If you're changing tires or need to run low air pressure, get a tire bead tank to make sure the bead stays set when you're barreling into a turn.

Tire Storage Accessories

Had enough of stacks of tires toppling over? Use our storage supplies to organize and secure all your tires and wheels. Tire hangers and tire storage racks can be permanently attached to the wall of your garage, shop or hauler. Auto dolly tire stackers will turn a regular rolling dolly into a device that can hold up to a 4-foot stack of mounted tires. These rugged accessories help you keep your shop in order and also make it easier to clean.

Get Good Supplies Now & Save Later

Anyone who burns through tires on a regular basis needs quality tire service equipment in their garage. Do it yourself with the help of Eastwood and your bank account will thank you later. Come by one of our stores for a hands-on experience selecting and using the right tire machinery.