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Garage and Shop Automotive Tools

Tools For The Garage, Shop And Home

No matter what task is next on your automotive to-do list, you’ll get the best results by using the correct tools. That being said, there are thousands upon thousands of auto tools out there. If you’re new to restoration work or tackling a performance mod for the first time, it can be overwhelming trying to find the right supplies.

Start your project on the right foot with the Eastwood tools catalog. Eastwood has all the car tools that both DIY enthusiasts and professional mechanics need to get the job done. Whether you are filling your first toolbox or just rounding out your collection, Eastwood tools are designed to last. All Eastwood hand tools have a lifetime warranty!

Eastwood Automotive Tools

Good auto parts are nothing without the right car tools to install, remove or repair them. Eastwood founder Curt Strohacker knew this when he created the company in 1978 and had the first Eastwood Company catalog printed. And it's reinforced every time we visit a car or trade show. We've found thousands of auto tools over the years that do the things professional mechanics, car restorers and DIY enthusiasts need them to do. The tools we sell come from dozens of leading international brands such as AC Delco, Fairmount, DeWalt, Ingersoll Rand, Channellock and Merrick.

When we haven't been able to find the right tools elsewhere, we've just made our own! The Eastwood hand tool series is filled with great everyday tools developed in-shop. For the highest quality at an unmatched low price, look at Eastwood Elite or Rockwood tools. Our garage and shop tool section has all the right supplies for anyone whose idea of a good day is working on their motor vehicle.

Shop Tools for Every Need

From door handle to door handle and bumper to bumper, Eastwood is where to buy tools. We carry a huge selection of electric power tools and pneumatic tools for high-powered cutting, drilling, grinding or sanding. They perform common auto restoration tasks in a fraction of the time and effort as regular hand tools.

Sometimes, though, classic hand tools are necessary to Do the Job Right. When you need to reach tight spaces or are traveling, make sure you’re stocked up on pliers, hammers, screwdrivers, clamps and socket wrenches. A complete automotive tool set has everything a new mechanic needs at a discounted price. Single tools are available for purchase as well if there’s just one thing you need to replace or upgrade.

Automotive Specialty Tools

As versatile as standard car tools are, some projects require specialty tools designed for that one task. Visit our engine, brake or suspension tool sections for the items needed to do maintenance and repairs in these areas. Examples of these specialty car tools that might belong in your collection include gear pullers, tubing straighteners, brake flares, engine cranes and trim removers.

Other categories include HVAC tools for air conditioning systems, measuring tools for precision readings and tap and die sets for repairing old raggedy bolt threads. We also have tools for working on the exhaust system, transmission, fuel system and radiator. Even if you just need to change the oil in your commuter vehicle, Eastwood has the correct tools to do better work in less time.

The Latest Auto Tools

As vehicles have evolved over the years, so have the tools needed to work on them. Eastwood has all the newest equipment for fixing modern cars. We've greatly expanded our inventory of electrical car tools as electronics have played a bigger and bigger role in vehicle function. We also have a variety of digital tools such as torque wrenches, automotive diagnostic tools and compression testers for getting the most out of any car. But if vintage shop tools are your thing, you can still find them for doing old-school work on restorations and classic cars.

The Highest Quality Tools for DIY

Whether you're restoring a 1960s Harley, building a race car or replacing an air filter, come to Eastwood for all your auto needs. Begin your search today for individual tools or complete car tool sets and kits. Our experts are available by phone or email seven days a week to answer questions. And if you live near one of our brick-and-mortar stores, you can stop in and try many tools before you buy!