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Automotive Body Dollies

No auto body shop is complete without at least one metal dolly from Eastwood. Whether you spell it as dollie or dolly, these tools are a must for repairs and custom panels. Craftsmen use them as a small anvil, providing a solid backing for sheet metal when they strike it with a hammer. Choosing a specific dolly shape can also help you form metal the way you want it to. Fix fender-benders, make OEM replica doors or design a street rod hood using a dolly tool.

Types of Dollies for Auto Body Repair

The dolly is a great hand tool for performing the functions of an English wheel on a small, portable scale. Several dolly tool styles are offered from Fairmount, Martin Tools, S&G Tool and our in-house shop to Do the Job Right. Here are some of the body dolly types we sell:

  • Utility Dolly: An all-around back-up that withstands heavy hammer strikes and can reach into recessed corners.
  • Heel Dolly: These are shaped like the heel of a shoe with one curved end for shaping metal and one flat end for flattening/shrinking.
  • Toe Dolly: This long dolly has a flat side for smoothing large areas, multiple sharp edges for corner work and straight edges to work creases or flanges.
  • Dome Dolly: A heel dolly that’s been mounted to a handle for working on hard-to-access areas of your vehicle.
  • Egg Dolly: A rare but useful dolly that has many edges, curves and angles for a variety of metal shaping uses.

Learn more about how to use a metal dolly for sheet metal repairs by visiting the Eastwood Garage or calling our tech team at 1-800-343-9553. Those who are just starting their tool collection should check out auto body hammer and dolly kits with everything needed for standard DIY repair work. No matter what you purchase, it’s backed with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.