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Create 3 kinds of precision flares, in 5 sizes of tubing

Only $199.99

Sale $179.97

Use with our Pro Flare Tool 25304 to create 37-degree flares
Only $103.99
Use 1 hand to fabricate accurate flares in aluminum, steel, soft metals
Only $549.99
Creates flares on or off the car
Only $288.99
Bends 3/16", 1/4", 5/16" or 3/8" tubing in steel, aluminum or copper
Only $15.99
For "kink-free" bending of 3/16", 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" tubing
Only $35.99
Create perfect bends in Steel and Stainless Steel Brake, Fuel or Transmission Lines
Only $22.99
Includes the 3 most popular sized brake bleeder wrenches
Only $43.99
Guarantee a perfect flare every time by deburring the rough cut end of the tube

Only $33.99

Sale $29.97

Press back caliper pistons quickly and easily with the Eastwood Disc Brake Pad Spreader
Only $6.99
Ratcheting action helps you easily cut tubing 1/8"- to 3/8"-dia.
Only $48.99
Align, bend and adjust 3/16" and 1/4" lines with just a twist of the wrist
Only $21.99
Retract most brake caliper pistons on cars and trucks
Only $47.99
The quick & easy way to straighten bent or coiled steel, stainless steel, copper & aluminum brake or fuel lines

Starting at: $95.99

Eastwood Professional Brake Tubing Flaring Tool and Bleeder

Starting at: $209.94

Create 45 and 37 Degree flares in 5 sizes of tubing

Starting at: $283.96

Includes Pro Flaring Tool, Line Straightener and Stainless Steel Line

Starting at: $363.95

Includes Pro Flaring Tool, Line Straightener and Stainless Steel Line

Starting at: $341.94

Rotates pistons back into disc brake calipers

Only $7.99

Sale $3.78

Suitable for oils and most other service fluids

Only $67.99

Sale $62.97

Straighten hard metal lines with just a simple squeeze, on or off the vehicle
Only $43.99
3/16 Stainless Steel Brakeline Armor 3ft
Only $14.99
Includes Pro Flaring Tool, Line Straightener and Steel Brake Line

Starting at: $301.94

Rockwood Magnetic Fluid Catch Bottle
Only $5.99
Replacement 3/16 Die Kit for Eastwood 25304 Pro Flaring Tool
Only $26.99
Eastwood On Car Flaring Tool for 3/16 Tubing
Only $49.99
Stainless steel brake-line tubing offers superior corrosion resistance
Only $87.99
Straightens light wall tubing from 3/16" to 1/2" in diameter
Only $215.99
16pc Steel Fitting Set for 3/16 Tubing
Only $11.99
16pc Stainless Steel Fitting Set for 3/16 Tubing
Only $21.99
3/16 Stainless Steel Brakeline Tubing 20ft
Only $43.99
BrakeQuip 3/16IN Copper Nickel Tubing 25ft
Only $54.99
Eastwood 1/4 Brake Line Mounting Hardware 10pc
Only $11.99
Eastwood 3/16 Brake Line Mounting Hardware 10pc
Only $11.99
Bleed brakes by yourself without depressing the pedal or wasting fluid with this newly improved designed Eastwood Brake Bleeder.

Only $33.99

Sale $29.97

Eastwood 3/8 Fuel Line Mounting Hardware 10pc
Only $12.99
Silverline Elite Test Hand Pump Kit MV8500
Only $75.99
Lincoln Industrial Vacuum Brake Bleeder Kit MV6835
Only $193.99
Lincoln Industrial Vacuum Brake Bleeder/Evacuator MV6830
Only $178.99
Lisle Brake Spring Pliers 11260
Only $18.99
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Eastwood Brake Tool Supplies

Sweet body panels and a powerful engine are what almost everyone thinks about when building their dream ride. But without a good set of brakes, that dream can quickly turn into a nightmare. Our automotive brake tools are designed for maneuvering around these areas so your left foot has the ability to keep your right foot in check. Shop at Eastwood if you're repairing the brakes on your commuter, installing modern disc brakes on a muscle car, upgrading brake systems to go with an engine rebuild or other stopping tasks.

Hand Tools for Brake Jobs

Dozens of parts and accessories are available online or in-store for fixing up your brakes. A soft pedal can often be fixed by removing excess air from the lines, and with our brake bleeders, you can do this by yourself without wasting fluid. Brake cleaners, brake pad spreaders, spring pliers and fluid catch bottles are often enough for basic maintenance. If you're making your own brake lines, you will need tubing benders, straighteners, flaring tools and other forming tools to work them around the suspension and frame.

Brake Tool Kits

Get all the equipment and accessories you need in one package with a car brake tool kit from Fairmount Tools, ATD Tools, Silverline or our experts. We have disc brake caliper sets for everyday service, mounting hardware sets for different size brake lines, hand pump kits to transfer or remove fluid and complete brake line fabrication kits for those new to the garage. A kit is great for installing brake systems from scratch or replacing the existing parts.

The Power to Stop in Time

No matter how fast you go, eventually you need to stop. Our brake parts and brake repair tools are the best ones available to control the speed and torque of modern cars. Call or email us for tech advice if you're having trouble pulling off old drums, forming brake lines or getting the fittings on tight. We've been dedicated to DIY automotive solutions since 1978.