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Brake Tools

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Specialty Car Brake Tools

Stop your brake pedal from going to the floor by getting the best automotive brake tools. No matter how much you’ve put into the body, engine and suspension, any car will soon look like a clunker if you can’t get it stopped in time. These tools are specially designed to navigate around the chassis and perform brake-specific tasks. Eastwood has developed many car brake tools from our first-hand experience and also carries tools from Fairmount, ATD, Powerbuilt, Lincoln Industrial and other brands.

Brake Repair Tools

Even standard brake maintenance and repair on daily commuters will go smoother with the proper tools. We carry brake pad spreaders, brake bleeders, spring pliers, fluid evacuators and other tools that make brake jobs a breeze. The Disc Brake Caliper Set has everything to service the disc brakes on all four corners — right- or left-handed. If a line is punctured or has come loose, we can help you fix it with a variety of brake tubing made of stainless steel or copper nickel.

Custom Brake Tools

If you need to build a brake system from scratch, we can help you do just that. Form perfect connections with an assortment of brake flaring tools and die sets. They can form three different types of flares on the most common tube diameters. Use tubing benders to weave lines through the vehicle and brake line straighteners to reuse tubes from a previous project. We also have line cutters, deburring tools, fitting sets and mounting hardware.

Stopping Power from Eastwood

Hit the brakes with the confidence of knowing you used the right tools to make your systems work. Our tools can handle the torque of modern cars and the designs found on vintage muscle cars so you can Do the Job Right. Call us seven days a week for expert advice about brake repair and installation.