Body Panel Removal

Body Panel Removal

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Body Panel Removal Tools

So you've got beautiful fenders, quarter panels, patch panels and other auto body parts all fabricated and ready to put on a car. But first, you need to get the old raggedy ones off. Using the right body panel and auto trim removal tools from Eastwood will help you do so quickly without causing unnecessary damage. Instead of trying to "make it work" with old screwdrivers and general-purpose drill bits, order tools and accessories that were developed with cars in mind.

Tough Metal Cutters

The most valuable auto body removal equipment in your arsenal is a few good cutting tools. Our panel cutters will neatly slice through old welds and rivets. We have electric body saws and reversible cut-off wheels for big jobs down to metal shears for snipping away flaps. Spot weld cutters will drill straight through these tough welds on a car body panel while staying on course. If you already have the right tool, you'll still want to get spare blades, dies and drill bits so you're ready for a tough job.

Prying & Separating Equipment

For some parts of your car, you're going to need some leverage to remove them. Eastwood stocks a variety of prying tools for lifting off trim pieces, dashboard covers, window moldings, door panels and other pieces that were installed with adhesives or clips. Seam splitters, panel separating knives, U tools, trim toolsets and other separators gently pull panels apart so they don't crack or break. Many of these parts are nearly impossible to find or make, so we've taken great pains to design removal tools that that get them off intact.

Proper Tools for your Project

At Eastwood, we believed since 1978 that doing the job right is always the most important thing. Every tool we sell has been tested with the application it was designed for and given the approval of people who know cars. Contact us for more information about body panel removal supplies and our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.