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Pressure Blasters

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Pressure Blasters

Abrasive Media Pressure Blasters

Pressure Blasters are easy to use and allow you to quickly remove coatings and rust from frames, wheels, suspension components and even full bodies.

Eastwood Pressure Blaster Equipment

Sometimes when you need something to crack, you just need to apply the right amount of pressure. With an abrasive sandblaster at your disposal, your target will practically crumble away. These pressure blasters, which are often called media blasters, are made for completely and thoroughly stripping metal down to the bare surface. If you have auto parts that you need to remove rust, body fillers, paint or corrosion from, all you need is a pressure sandblaster and an air compressor. With one of these tools, you can completely strip parts in as little as 30 minutes to leave them looking freshly fabricated.

Powerful Abrasive Blasters

Eastwood makes several models of sandblasters for use on vehicle frames, axles, transmission mounts and other parts that use heavy-gauge metal. We also stock ATD Tools pressure blasters, giving you plenty of options to pick from. Hopper sizes range from 50-pound capacity media blasters for medium-duty projects up to 300-pound units for the heaviest of heavy rust removal. Our blasters have high-flow valves to speed up the process but require less airflow than other models, improving efficiency to reduce operating costs. Some models include multiple nozzles so you can adjust the flow based on the project, walking that fine line between added time and overkill.

Tools & Expertise You Can Trust

If you're tired of spending days or even weeks stripping metal using solvent and sanders, then you need a pressurized sandblaster. By ordering from Eastwood, you'll get a unit made of rugged materials that is built to professional quality standards. We've been a part of the DIY community since 1978 and don't believe in saddling people with blasters that clog or underperform. Every unit comes with our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee and Eastwood models also have a one-year manufacturer's warranty. Just fill yours with media, connect the blast hood, put on your protective gear and wheel it in place to begin!

Pressure blasters for removing rust and paint to get your project to bare metal and ready for primer and paint.