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Pinstripe Paint Like a Professional

Let your imagination run wild when creating a custom paint job by using first-rate pinstriping equipment from Eastwood. This detailing technique is a popular way to add some flash to a hot rod or motorcycle that you want to show off. Shop today and find paints and tools that will feed your creativity. With a little practice, you'll be ready to dress up your fenders, hoods and doors with cool original designs that add a personal touch.

Automotive Pinstriping Paint

When you're applying fine lines to a vehicle, you need special paint to get the right coverage and flow. With 1-Shot pinstripe paints, you'll have vibrant durability for all your striping and lettering needs. These oil-based paints are formulated for an even spread that completely covers the base layer without leaving brush marks. With dozens of colors in stock, there's sure to be at least one you adore. We also sell pinstriping reducers, hardeners and flow enhancers to improve the application process and help your work stay in place.

Pinstriping Brushes & Tools

When you're pinstriping, you need to be able to draw long, smooth lines that won't blob or drop off. Special striping brushes have purpose-designed bristles and handles to carry lots of paint and make the bends and corners for more complex projects. If you're feeling unsure of your abilities, order a few practice boards and an instructional DVD to work on your form. Pinstriping kits have everything you need for gap-free, leak-free painting at all angles.

Detailing Tapes & Stencils

You don't have to put your entire graphics scheme in your own hands. Masking tapes and pinstriping stencils give you a line to follow so you can paint more quickly and more confidently. Using these aids also prevents overrun that can mess up your work.

Get the Right Equipment at Eastwood

Even if you can barely make a straight line on a piece of paper, Eastwood will help you pinstripe your car like a seasoned hand. Contact us for expert advice on products and best practices that will get you started.

Learn how to pinstripe with Tramp Warner

Pinstriping Products

Show your individuality with pinstriping that adds a simple stripe or two—or a totally unique "expression of your eccentricity"—to your ride! All you need for auto pinstriping is your imagination, a little practice, and top-notch pinstriping supplies from Eastwood. Actually, you don't even need your imagination, since you'll find pinstriping designs, kits and decals here to make your project even easier.

Have your own freehand design in mind? Our pinstriping tape lets you produce that design easily. You'll also find a complete line of professional pinstriping brushes, paints and accessories from famous makers like Kafka, Mack, Beugler and 1-Shot.




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