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Automotive Air Conditioning Tools

Automotive HVAC Tools

We don't know many people who enjoy driving down the highway on 90-degree day in a big metal box with no air conditioning. But a vehicle HVAC system is one of the most difficult to work with on a car. The auto AC repair tools at Eastwood will take the uncertainty out of this project so you can fix your system correctly and safely. As a DIY leader since 1978, we only offer products that are proven in the field where they're needed. Instead of bringing your car to a shop, use our automotive air conditioning tools to do the job right at home.

Lower the Temperature in a Car

Eastwood has the tools and service for every step of an AC repair, from detection to charging. The UView Spotgun Jr./UV Phaser Kit is how the professionals find air conditioning leaks, as it injects special UV dyes to find where refrigerant gas is escaping. From there, we have hose adapters and crimp sets for connecting new lines, line stoppers for plugging disconnected lines and vacuum pumps for evacuating the system after repair. HVAC manifold gauge sets are a must for anyone performing maintenance or repair, as they allow you to see the current pressure of the system. This info can help you locate a leak or make sure you're recharging to the correct PSI.

Handle Your A/C with Ease

The next time your AC unit is blowing hot air, make Eastwood your one-stop shop for HVAC tools and accessories. We carry high-quality tools from Fairmount Tools, ATD, Mastercool and the guys in our R&D shop that will do the job right every time. Make sure to get accessories such as replacement Spotgun cartridges and infrared thermometers as well. All of our tools come with a one-year manufacturer's warranty and our award-winning service online, by phone or in-store.