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Indasa Automotive Abrasives

When you need to grind away rust, sharp edges or excess body filler, Indasa abrasive products are up for the task. The company was found in Portugal in 1979 and is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-performance abrasives. While Indasa develops products for a number of industries, including building construction, marine and woodworking, their shop grade metal sandpapers are quickly catching on in the automotive industry. By using the right Indasa sandpaper, you can quickly shape body repairs and prepare a body panel for coating. Eastwood has an excellent selection of their innovative products to help you do the job right.

Tough Sandpapers for Tough Jobs

No matter what size, shape and grit of auto sandpaper you need, Indasa makes it at an affordable price. Their sandpaper rolls and sheets easily can be clipped into a sanding board or power belt sander. Choose from Indasa plain-back dry sandpaper, adhesive back sandpaper and longboard sandpaper that use aluminum oxide abrasives. Auto body works can also find a variety of disc sander sheets for leveling surfaces along replacement sanding pads. Indasa anti-slip wet-dry sandpaper sheets are a must for moisture-heavy projects and have electrostatically-applied grit that keeps it uniform. Another cool product is Indasa soft edge foam tape. This special overspray masking tape lets the paint gradually transition into the foam so it doesn’t create a hard paint edge on your car.

Grit and Grind the Right Way

Whether you’re trying to roughen up a metal surface or smooth it down, Indasa has abrasive sandpaper that will get the job done. Their sanding products work with a variety of tools so you can adapt them to your current shop equipment. You’ll receive the same quality you’d expect from a professional auto body shop right in your own garage. Eastwood has expert customer service on all of our DIY automotive tools by phone or email. You can also stop into a retail location and speak face-to-face with one of our car guys.