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Airbrush Supplies

Airbrushes, compressors, Stencils and Airbrushing Accessories

Eastwood Automotive Airbrushing Supplies

If you want your car to be the highlight of the show, our airbrush painting equipment is the ticket. Custom airbrushed graphics are seen on show cars, hot rods, vintage racers and motorcycles. They also work very well for helmets. Airbrushing gives them a striking, lasting look that a decal can't match. With our large selection, you can create your own automotive airbrush kit for spicing up your ride

Airbrushes & Air Guns

Good tools may not be a substitute for steady hands, but they sure do help. Eastwood airbrush guns give you the flow and control you need for a professional result. We carry our own in-house automotive airbrush kits along with quality sets from DeVilbiss. They can be used for paint or water-based inks to apply exacting lines, intriguing fades and other designs.

Premium Airbrush Compressors

Good air delivery is vital for fine graphics. Our air compressors range from starter kits to ones designed for all-day use. Features such as oil-less pumps, vibration-absorbing feet and automatic shut-off will make your air supply reliable.

Airbrushing & Safety Accessories

Find accessories for your auto airbrush kit to repair equipment or make cool effects. Keep your spray gun running strong with siphon triggers, replacement needle guides, regulator units and other parts. We also have cleaning supplies for your workspace and mandatory safety equipment such as respirators and gloves.

Make Your Mark with Masking Gear

If you're new to airbrushing or want to speed up the process, masking supplies can help. Providing structure will simplify your job while still producing great graphics. We offer free-form vinyl tape and other tools for marking out your own creation without accidentally painting unwanted areas.

Leading Supplies & Expert Service

Everyone on the Eastwood staff, from our R&D team to our customer service reps, are avid auto people who want you to succeed. Contact us or stop by our shop for auto airbrushing tips and advice that are as good as our award-winning equipment.

Stand out from the crowd with custom airbrushed graphics. You've seen them on show cars, race cars, cycles and helmets: those striking, colorful graphics and bold, fiery flames that really catch your eye. Some may be decals, but most were airbrushed by someone with a steady hand and professional-quality airbrush guns and supplies like those found here at Eastwood!

Our airbrush painting supplies and kits make it easy for anyone to create attention-grabbing airbrush designs for their ride. You'll also find pre-cut airbrush stencils, automotive airbrush paint, and kits from name brands like DeVilbiss, Badger, 1-Shot, Auto-Air and flame legend Mickey Harris.


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