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Eastwood Automotive Airbrush Paint Kits

Set your show car apart from other competitors with the best airbrush painting supplies from Eastwood. Instead of decals that can peel or fade, many DIYers add custom airbrushed graphics to their vehicles. It’s a permanent way to give hot rods, motorcycles, show trucks and helmets a striking appearance. You can replicate car club artwork, add sponsor logos or create a custom design that always gets a second look.

We have everything you need to put together an airbrush paint kit for a professional shop or do-it-yourself garage. These tools are made by DeVilbiss, North Gerson, Motor Guard and other leading auto paint manufacturers. The R&D guys have also developed high-qualify airbrush paint supplies that casual automotive enthusiasts can afford.

Custom Airbrushing for Cars

From stripes to flames, our airbrush tools will Do the Job Right. Everyone will need an airbrush and air compressor to get started. The Eastwood Professional Gravity Feed Airbrush has all the features an expert needs at a hobbyist price. Our pancake air compressor has the low PSI range needed for getting the fine details just right. You also can add a pressure regulator to your existing compressor. Accessories such as flexible masking tape let you mark out the design like a stencil for better results. Remember to get a paint respirator and supplies that keep the air clean as you work. We also sell an assortment of paint for airbrush projects such as 1-Shot pinstriping paint.

Eastwood is a DIY leader who provides the knowledge you need to make use of these tools. Read the Top 5 Airbrush Paint FAQs to get an overview of the process and the required supplies. Painting experts are available seven days a week by phone if you have further questions. We’ve been assisting with custom automotive painting since 1978.

Our airbrush painting supplies and kits make it easy for anyone to create attention-grabbing airbrush designs for their ride. You'll also find pre-cut airbrush stencils, automotive airbrush paint, and kits from name brands like DeVilbiss, Badger, 1-Shot, Auto-Air and flame legend Mickey Harris.