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OTC Automotive Tools

Certain vehicle service and repair jobs simply can’t be done with general-purpose tools. When you need a specific tool for a specific task, Eastwood and the OTC Tool Company have it in stock. OTC Tools — formerly the Owatonna Tool Company — has been a leader in automotive tools and equipment since 1925. Their founder invented the Grip-O-Matic universal gear puller, a patented tool so far ahead of the times that it’s still nearly identical to the original. OTC is now part of Bosch Automotive Service Solutions, helping even more DIYers around the globe experience their quality.

Aftermarket Car Tools

Shop at Eastwood for an assortment of OTC specialty tools, diagnostic tools and shop equipment. They make pullers, gauges, wrenches, testers and more that go beyond the average tool box. The OTC 3-Jaw Reversible Puller is an easy and safe way to remove gears, pulleys, bearings and other parts. Other car suspension tools include the Ball Joint Service Set, a U-joint installation tool, a brake pad gauge and their slide hammer FWD hub puller. If you need to pry something open, get a strong jimmy bar forged from chrome steel.

OTC also makes car engine tools for getting down and dirty under the hood. Their compression tester kit, cylinder leakage tester and OBD2 scanners help you quickly diagnose potential problems with the powerplant. For hands-on repairs, 52-piece Master Torx Kit has everything you need to fit fasteners found throughout modern cars, including those in the engine assembly and interior.

The Best DIY Auto Tools

Use the right tools for the job by choosing OTC shop tools from Eastwood. Most products have a warranty against material and workmanship for the life of the tool. We also back them with 90-day returns and free lifetime tech support. Call us to learn more about these specialty tools that are known worldwide for their reliability.