Two Post Lifts

Two Post Lifts

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Two Post Automotive Lift

Enjoy access to every square inch of a car by setting it on a two-post pole lift from Eastwood. While you generally don’t want your car to come off the ground while driving, it can make certain repairs and restoration tasks a lot easier in the shop. Choosing a two-post lift is generally better for repairs because it leaves the wheels and suspension free. They also take up less space and allow for more elevation in garages with low ceilings. Get a twin post lift for tire and oil changes, undercoatings, engine work and many other DIY auto projects.

Best Two Post Auto Lifts

We sell more than two dozen 2-post lifts from leading brands such as BendPak, Tuxedo, Danmar and MaxJax. The smallest lift can hold about 6,000 pounds, which is more than enough for most daily commuter cars and vintage show cars. A 12,000-pound capacity 2-post truck lift also works well for full-size classics that are heavier than modern versions. We even have 15,000-pound lifts for commercial work vehicles. Symmetric car lifts center the vehicle for equal access to both the front and rear. An asymmetric twin post automotive lift moves the car backs so you can open the doors freely. Floor plate 2-post lifts have an open top that allows users to get the car higher up.

Professional Quality Lifts for Cars

Eastwood has been helping both DIYers and pro auto mechanics Do the Job Right since 1978. These lifts are made of rugged steel with an electric, hydraulic or combination power system. Numerous safety features are built in so you can work with confidence. They’re backed by generous manufacturer’s warranties plus our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Go to the Eastwood Garage and search “two post auto lift” for more information about how they make automotive work easier.