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Merrick Brand Automotive Equipment

To do the best work on cars, sometimes you need to separate them from the pavement. Merrick tools from Eastwood are expressly designed to lift cars upwards so you can access every square inch or get them out of the way for other projects. The Merrick Machine Company has been developing innovative equipment for the automotive and housing industries since 1960. Brands such as Auto Dolly and Merrick Originals are trusted by both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Eastwood has a wide selection of authorized Merrick auto equipment that’s made in the USA.

Merrick Rotisseries & Stands

When you need to elevate a car for long periods, Merrick has a solution. The Merrick Auto Dolly Set continues to set the standard for vehicle storage. By placing a dolly under each wheel, one person can roll the vehicle to equipment or place it in the corner for the winter. The standard Merrick auto dolly system can support cars up to 6,000 pounds while the heavy-duty auto dollies have a total capacity of 10,000 pounds. Accessories such as rolling racks, roll-around hub attachments, replacement casters and dolly docks get the most from your auto carts.

Merrick auto rotisseries are another piece of equipment found in many shops. They’re available with or without jacks to make bodywork and frame repairs easier. Merrick has expanded into engine stands, rolling seats, engine transmission dollies, tire storage racks and many other items that help people work smarter instead of harder.

Heavy-Duty Vehicle Equipment

If you’re running a solo mechanic shop for professional or personal automotive work, then you need Merrick tools. They quite literally do the heavy lifting so you can focus on doing the job right. Eastwood has the tech team available seven days a week by phone and email to answer your questions. It’s part of our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.