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Measuring Tools

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Automotive Measuring Tools

Many cars and parts are meant to have at least some level of tolerance when installing or adjusting them. But if you want to reach the top of the mechanical mountain, then you need everything to be accurate down to the nth degree. Eastwood measuring tools give you exact readings of everything on a car so you know whether it's where it needs to be. Get the tools that separate weekend warriors from championship auto racing mechanics by browsing our large selection.

Precision Tools for Exact Work

There are many different ways to measure things on a car, and Eastwood has them all. Calipers are the measuring tool that has long been the standard, as they can measure inside, outside, depth or step readings. Here you can get a traditional dial caliper or a modern digital measuring gauge. Micrometers are another practical thickness measurement tool to have on hand while our protractors and straight edges are perfect for marking sheet metal before cutting.

Gauges & Equipment Indicators

A good measure gauge can often tell you what a hand tool can't when working with parts, fluids or air. Order the right gauge today for checking tire pressure, oil pressure, sheet metal thickness, camber or cylinder bore wear with stunning accuracy. If you need panels or repairs to be symmetrical, adjustable profile gauges will form a matching pattern for both the left and right side. Your tools and machinery need to be exact as well, and with our indicator sets, you can align and calibrate anything to the right specifications.

Measure Twice, Repair Once

When you want your car to be the best, there's no such thing as "close enough." Good mechanical knowledge and instinct will help you run with the pack, but the right auto measuring tools are the way to get out front. The Eastwood tech team is available by phone or email to help you learn how to use your new tools so everything is exactly right.