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Eastwood Powder Coat Solutions

Put together a complete powder coating kit or top up on supplies by shopping at Eastwood. We practically invented DIY powder coating and offer the best equipment to Do the Job Right. The process leaves a colorful finish that also acts as a nearly impenetrable barrier against rust and corrosion. Our HotCoat™ powder coating system includes everything you might need to coat wheels, springs, shock bodies, roll cages, oil pans and other parts. These products outperform many name-brand systems while costing much less.

Powder Coating Tools & Colors

Our goal is to help you Do the Job Right regardless of your previous powder coating experience. That starts with a high-quality DIY Eastwood powder coating gun. The PCS-250 Dual Voltage Powder Gun is a great system for new and mid-level coaters, giving you great coverage while running on a standard 120V electrical current. For more power and possibilities, get the Eastwood Elite PCS-1000 high-output powder gun with features such as a fogging nozzle and fluidizing pressure gauge. It has an industry-leading 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Need some eye-catching powder? We sell more than 100 different Eastwood powder coat paint colors. Choose from a variety of solid basecoats along with metallics, translucent candies, chrome powders, neon powder and more. If you can’t decide what to buy, get a powder coat sample kit with six popular shades. From there, order powder hoppers, storage bottles, plugs, part stands and everything else a powder project might require.

DIY Powder Coating

The Eastwood team provides expert knowledge so our customers can be better powder coaters. If you’re new to the process, pick up the Eastwood Beginner’s Powder Coating Handbook, which is based on decades of first-hand experience. We also have a wide assortment of free powder coating articles in the tech library and Eastwood Garage. Get a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee every time you order from Eastwood!