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FiTech Fuel Injection Kits

Even muscle car diehards who swear by their second-gen Dodge Charger factory engine or GM small-block crate powerplant recognize the benefits of electronic fuel injection. FiTech Go EFI conversion kits give you the advantages of both classic and modern technologies for a complete fuel delivery package. This Riverside, CA–based company is the industry leader in fuel injection systems for switching over a carbureted engine, upgrading your daily driver or getting even more from turbocharged and nitrous-boosted engines. You’ll get better horsepower, throttle response, efficiency and cold-started with less maintenance when you choose FiTech.

Shop at Eastwood for FiTech bolt-on EFI systems that are easy to install for an immediate boost. The FiTech 600 Go EFI 4 kit is the gold standard that self-tunes to any engine that has between 200 and 650-HP. There are also superpower 1200-HP fuel injection system for serious car guys and entry-level 400-HP EFI kits for those with lower power needs. Each kit is a ready-to-run system— and some are also programmable so you can squeeze every ounce of performance out of your favorite ride. These systems have a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and ship free from Eastwood.

Although our vehicles won’t go without fuel, the gas fuel tank that holds the fuel don’t get no respect, as Rodney Dangerfield might have said. Most of us never think of the fuel tank on our car or truck until we notice a disturbing odor of gasoline emanating from under and around the vehicle.

If you do sniff such a smell, you should be very careful and get help as soon as possible. As everyone knows, gasoline is highly flammable. Likely you will be in the market for a new gas tank.

Rust Never Sleeps

Fuel tanks can succumb to a variety of forces. Collisions can dent, ding or break them. But probably the most common finale for fuel tanks is simple corrosion. Riding on the undercarriage of cars and trucks as they do, fuel tanks are subject to lots of rain, road salts and all the other crud that man and nature can throw at them.

Many fuel tanks will last a lifetime. And if you have a late-model vehicle and your gas tank starts to leak, it’s usually pretty easy to get a replacement.

Classic Gas Tanks for Classic Cars

That’s not always so with classic cars, however. And that seems kind of unfair, because given their greater age, vintage automobiles are the most likely to suffer from extreme gas tank corrosion. If it’s time to replace the gas tank on your pride and joy, no worries. Since 1978, Eastwood has been helping auto enthusiasts baby their cars. Our inventory of more than 4,000 car restoration tools, auto parts, metal fabrication equipment and other products includes a selection of hard-to-find fuel tanks for classic cars. You’ll discover replacement gas tanks for all kinds of vintage vehicles here, from 1932 Fords to 1960s and 1970s Chevy El Caminos and 1970s and 1980s GM trucks.

These AMD OE replacement tanks have been stamped from top-quality, rust-resistant steel that is lead and tin-plated inside and out. Because they have the right shape and size, these gas tanks will fit right and look right. The holes, ribs and curvature are just as they were in the originals. All of these tanks have been pressure-tested for leaks. Mounting straps and sending units are sold separately.