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POR-15 Rust-Preventive Automotive Coatings

Rust is the biggest enemy of any car past or present. But for more than 40 years, POR-15 has helped drivers and mechanics combat it. The POR-15 brand is known throughout the industry for its revolutionary line of automotive finishes that neutralize or seal over existing rust and also stop new rust from creeping in. At Eastwood, you can find many of their most famous products that prevent rust from ruining your car.

Paint-Over-Rust Topcoats

We offer POR-15 coatings is many colors to match your existing vehicle. Their famed rust-stopping paint is available in black, silver, gray, chassis black and other common undercoating finishes. The magic of POR-15 high-performance paints is that they can be applied directly to rusted and seasoned metal, which simplifies the rust prevention process. All of their paints offer excellent chemical resistance and actually cure faster when moisture is around.

Rust Prevention & Repair Systems

In addition to general rust paints, POR-15 also makes several specialty systems. Their fuel tank repair kit contains everything you need to clean out the gunk and then permanently seal the tank against leaks or rust. Kits are also available for motorcycles. If you have a new concrete shop floor that you want to protect from heavy traffic, the POR-15 Floor Armor Kit will seal it and make future clean-up easier.

Surface Prep & Cleaners

Even though these paints can be used directly on rust, you still need to get rid of other dirt, oil and grime. POR-15 Metal Prep will eliminate the gunk and help paint stick better. Other additives are available to improve the painting process. Dry Time Accelerator will speed up the drying process for time-sensitive projects while their paint solvent can be used to thin POR-15 paint or clean up spills.

Industry-Leading Products & Service

Eastwood has a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee plus lifetime technical support on all POR-15 products. We’re always here to help with DIY projects so you can do the job right.