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Auto Additives for Vibratory Tumbler

Ensure your old hardware works and performs like new with these media tumbler additives from Eastwood. The vibratory tumbler is already a great tool for cleaning paint and surface rust off fasteners, brackets, nuts and other small parts. However, the right additives can make them even more effective. Once you’ve selected your tumbler and abrasive media, check out these abrasive blasting additives. Whether they’re from the Eastwood R&D guys or a respected national brand, our vibratory tumbler extras have been tested and proven to Do the Job Right.

Metal Part Cleaning & Shining

By adding the right solution the media before blasting, your parts and hardware will come out of the tumbler ready to use. Substances such as Eastwood Metal Wash Concentrate or Dillon Rapid Polish are formulated to scrub grease, dirt and other contaminants off parts that regular blast media isn’t able to. In the case of our water-based Metal Wash, it also promotes adhesion for the subsequent paint job/powder coating and even prevent flash rusting for a short time.

Using media tumbler additives is easy. Simply pour a small amount to the media and run the vibratory tumbler as normal. They’re safe for a variety of metals and can even be used to clean the tumbler bowl itself. Certain liquid car polish compounds have a similar cleaning effect — call us for expert suggestions. Please note the metal wash may leave a slight residue, so cleaning with Eastwood Pre Painting Prep is recommended after tumbling.

Best DIY Media Blasting

Eastwood is a pioneer in do-it-yourself sandblasting and continues to raise the bar for abrasive parts cleaning. Our vibratory tumbler additives have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so you can buy them confident you’ll either get great results or a full refund. Shop our entire selection of media blasting and metal polishing parts to get ready for any restoration project.