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Auto Parts Cleaners and Washers

Auto Parts Washers

Cleaning your parts isn't just about them looking nice - although that's certainly one of the benefits. Any amount of dirt and grime can prevent parts from attaching correctly or lead to rust and corrosion over time. As part of your next repair or rebuild, use an Eastwood parts washer to scrub off the gunk that has accumulated over the years. These machines will quickly break down and whisk away grime using your favorite water-based cleaning agent. They can be used on tools and small shop equipment as well that has taken a beating after a long weekend or tough job.

Clean Shop Equipment & Parts

We sell several types of electric vehicle part washers that will be a welcome addition to your shop. Our 3.5-gallon benchtop parts washer will fit most small parts and tools while the 20-gallon free-standing model is for bigger components. The team has also come up with a bucket-top washer that attaches directly to a standard 5-gallon bucket. Each one has a pump that circulates your added cleaning solution to dissolve the grease and filth that has built up. Most of our washers also come with a bristle brush for taking on stubborn deposits.

Products that are Clean & Practical

Washing heavily-used parts, tools and equipment is easiest, cheapest way to extend their lifespan. And by using a rugged parts washer, you won't make a mess of your shop in the process. If you have complex engine parts that need to be scrubbed by hand, we also produce a heavy-duty teardown table for disassembling, cleaning and reassembling the motor. Eastwood has become an industry leader by supporting our clients through every step of their automotive projects, and our parts washers are one more way to do the job right. They come with a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee and 7-days-a-week customer service.