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Truck Bed Liner from Eastwood

If you use your truck a lot, then there are a lot of ways your truck bed can take a beating. Coating it with a truck bed liner kit from Eastwood will give it the protection it needs for strenuous daily activity. Hauling equipment and tools, carrying heavy cargo or going driving in the rain can quickly gouge up a truck bed or cause it to rust. A spray-on bed liner kit can be applied to new or old trucks and will give you years of great performance.

Bed Liners for Every Truck

We carry liners from leading brands such as POR-15 and Dominion Gator Guard that look terrific and are resilient. Both rubberized liners and epoxy coatings will completely seal your truck bed against damage. Eastwood has black liners, white liners and tint-able liners to choose from that will match pretty much any vehicle. Furthermore, a bed liner spray gun kit can also be brushed on or rolled on, giving you options based on what tools are available.

Tough Liners That Last

Adding a DIY bed liner is a quick way to improve your truck. They are flexible to absorb the impact of bumps or jostling and have a non-skid finish to help equipment stay in place. They are both chip-resistant and weather-resistant, holding firm against rain or UV rays. Truck bed liner coatings will increase the resale value of your truck by reducing long-term wear. And since they form to the contours of your truck, they won't warp or trap debris like a drop-in liner. Better yet, they can also be applied to wheel wells and other metal parts to protect them from rust and corrosion.

Do More for Your Truck

Take care of your truck bed now and it will take care of you and your cargo later. Spray-on truck bed liners from Eastwood are an affordable solution that will reduce maintenance and deterioration to save you much more over time. Our durable coatings have a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee and come with our knowledgeable application advice to get your truck lined.