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Air Compressors

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Single Stage, Two Stage and Scroll Air Compressors

Shop Air Compressors at Eastwood

Every auto shop needs a good air supply, and you can find the right one for your needs at Eastwood. Air compressors have a number of uses for cars and bikes, including inflating tires, running pneumatic equipment or just spraying away dirt and debris. We have pneumatic air compressors and belt-driven air compressors in all shapes and sizes. Options include our own innovative compressors plus companies such as Chicago Pneumatic and Ingersoll Rand for use by both DIYers and full-scale auto technicians.

Things to Consider for Your Shop Air Compressor

There are a number of design features to choose from depending on what you will be using it for. Tank styles include vertical, horizontal and small "pancake" compressors that slide into various spaces. You will also need to look at tank size, horsepower and cubic feet per minute. Generally speaking, the more powerful your equipment is, the larger these three factors will need to be. And make sure to check whether your power source is 110-volt or 220-volt and get a compressor that matches. Our Eastwood Air Compressor Selection Chart lists these and other features for our compressors so you can compare them side-by-side.

Pump the Right Amount of Air

Eastwood has single-stage, two-stage and scroll air compressor for whenever you need to increase air pressure. Single-stage pumps use a single piston stroke to compress air, giving you a higher CFM rating for heavy-duty equipment. Choose a two-stage pump if you're looking for higher overall pressures and better efficiency. If you're in search of an underhood air compressor for sale, scroll compressors have a compact size and quiet performance for those tight jobs.

Trust Eastwood for the Right Parts & Knowhow

Whether you need a small portable air compressor for bringing to shows and race tracks or a large production shop compressor for your full-service garage, Eastwood has the answer. We have been providing automotive solutions since 1978 and are always ready to assist you with quality equipment and knowledge. Get the right air compressor today with assistance from our team.